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21 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. Clinton, Epstein, Weinstein, Biden, etc. says:


  2. Creepy Joe Biden for President says:


  3. Harvard, too says:


  4. NYT says must Investigate Joe Biden says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s talk about sexual assault and the Democrat Party. Lots of prominent Democrats are serial sexual assaulters, yet Democrats ignore these acts and point their fingers at everyone else, many times using false, contrived claims.

    Either you are against sexual assault or you are not. You cannot be only against it if it isn’t Clinton, Epstein, Weinstein or Biden. Or Ted Kennedy, John F. Kennedy (who had affairs in a reporter’s apartment for secrecy).

    Just like racism, sexual assault is a major part of the history of the Democrat party. A history that gets ignored.


  6. Joe says:

    A lot of changes coming to City Hall. I noticed some personnel changes.


  7. JerryK says:

    Expect He-who-shall-not-be-named-yet to not waste a good crisis and come to the city’s rescue by offering to buy thousands of acres of land at a fire sale price.


  8. Anonymous says:

    If Paul Foster wants a sports arena he should build it and pay for it himself. Spread the myth that El Pasoans voted for this contested basketball arena will only reinforce the reality that city government works for Paul Foster and the majority of the city council members work for him and not the voters. If you want luxury items at the expense of working people, just what kind of a person does this make you? During a pandemic insisting taxpayers pay for what you and you associates should pay for yourself, who does that make you? How can El Paso be strong or true unless our voters turn out and end the rampant welfare for billionaires.


  9. Anonymous says:

    What about financial assault?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Good news! No one lives forever. Water will always find it’s way out. Politics as usual until the world changes. Time is running out for all of these men.


    • Bad News says:

      Maybe, but one of these men is breeding a new generation of shameless tax leeches. He has trained his son to demand big tax subsidies for projects and then once they get them he sends his son back to demand even more. The only thing finding its way out are the people who are leaving El Paso.


  11. Anonymous says:

    It is over the top irresponsible to consider fleecing the El Paso taxpayers for these pork projects nobody voted for when huge financial fallout from the policies of our failed Republican “ leaders” has not fallen to the ground yet. With all of the assets the United States controls , this poor management of the Coronavirus shows how pathetic leadership is in our country. Republican leadership been so obsessed with number one. We are number one in Coronavirus. Did the Republicans make America Great Again? No, because whatever these men call themselves, they are poor leaders. Leadership is the key. Mayor Margo is a poor leader and lies all the time. Time has expired for marketing fluff, we need real solutions for real people.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Anon, the problem isn’t Republicans or Dems. The problem is a class of big donors that funds politicians who line their pockets for both parties. We apparently have two folks on City Council smart enough to understand how bad a position this has put the city in. The rest will keep lining their and their donors’ pockets until the bond rating falls to a point where no more money can be borrowed. At the Federal level it’s worse. Like it or not, Trump has pushed back on that. It’s why on practically day 1 the FBI was trying to take down the Administration and Republicans allowed the Mueller investigation. The reality is COVID is creating issues all over the world. We won’t be able to judge the success or failure of what was done for months. If the economy snaps back Trump will deserve credit. If it doesn’t he’ll deserve blame. But ultimately, the folks responsible for the spread aren’t our leaders. They are the idiots who refuse to make even the smallest behavior changes to flatten the curve or protect the vulnerable. No government can make this go away. They can just do damage control.


      • JerryK says:

        The world is not a government, it is a business. El Paso is just a microcosm of this larger reality. Ned Beatty’s brief speech in NETWORK (1976) explains this perfectly. The best scene in one of the best movies ever made. Four Oscars back when you actually had to make a good movie to get an Oscar instead virtue signaling about how much you hate Trump.

        “The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since mankind crawled out of the slime.”

        See it at


  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ticked, I am convinced it’s leadership. Good leadership is so rare. Truthfully I want positive change . Society needs to be vigilant. Once these parasites or viruses get too big it is difficult to get them under control. Yea and I wasn’t born yesterday, I know the dice are loaded.


  13. Anonymous says:

    P.S. the college professor is a good leader


  14. Anonymous says:

    It is true business is part of life. A social contract. Some people run businesses that benefit their workers and society as a whole. Others do not. It’s a whole spectrum. Design is crucial. Some people are not meant to lead anyone, not even a dog, just a reality. It is a responsible person that recognizes their detriment to society and retires from leadership so humanity can benefit. Even if they are a billionaire.


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