Are we really business friendly?

The last two days we have seen that El Paso is the eighth poorest major city in the nation and that we have the fifth highest homeowner property tax rate among the nation’s 50 largest cities.

U. S. News and World Report  has listed us as the city with the 5th lowest real income (with the lowest median incomes relative to their respective costs of living).

What can we do?

Some will say that we need to attract industry.  Better jobs will make the difference.

Well, take a look at this:


Yes, El Paso has the third highest taxes on industrial property among our largest 50 cities.

Maybe we can attract some industries that don’t worry about money.

We deserve better


11 Responses to Are we really business friendly?

  1. pissed says:

    were doomed. sweatiest, fattest, most diabetics ever, poorest, most illiterate city over 500k, highest property taxes and the roosters are on high speed rail right to our bank accounts. i hope Bernie speaks of this on saturday. we cannot sustain this spending spree. and an arena? were doomed


  2. homeowner777 says:

    You don’t have to have a college degree to make it.
    The last 2 years in High School should be dedicated to: How to make it in the World.
    How to understand clever salesmen that are only after your money.
    Understanding financing. Without understanding financing they are doomed.
    How to get to the Ultimate Goal of having a home paid for.
    There are too many distractions for school age kids now.
    It shouldn’t take 12 years to learn the basics.
    There needs to be a class in school, every day, where they only discuss things and ask questions and they are taught HOW to find answers to their questions.

    Minimum wage or high finance. . . the Ultimate Goal after all their years of work is a home that is paid off and expenses come down to almost zero.

    Should it really take 50 years to get to the Ultimate Goal ?

    Jobs and work and people come and go.
    Work and this and that and whatever. . . and STILL the Ultimate Goal is having a house that is paid for.

    Can you imagine if everyone had no rent or house payments?
    Imagine what they could focus on and accomplish.

    You start at age 16-17 while you are living at home and have no real big expenses.
    You save about HALF of your Minimum Wage income. Saving about $10,000. per year.
    After 5 years you have $50,000. And after 10 years you have about $100,000. and at that point you are about 27-28 years old. You move out from your parents house and buy a home for CASH. You now have no more expenses than Living At Home and a solid roof over your head and THEN you can get married and have kids and with both parents working even at Minimum Wages, you CAN get by. No rent and no mortgage payments. You will not HAVE to move. You will have no house payments.

    If the spouse of / for / the above person also did the same thing, then THEY would now have a savings account of $100,000 or more.

    Are these things taught or covered in school?


    • Sunshine says:

      Yes, but when your total RE taxes are as high or higher as s mortgage, you will always be on the hook and be challenged if you make only a minimum wage.


      • Reality Checker says:

        Sunshine, you are 100 percent correct. Taxes here are like a second mortgage payment. That’s why El Paso sucks for retirees. Yet, because of its total devotion to developers, city council now wants to pursue development of a big retirement community. I guess that’s another business Hunt wants to be in.


  3. Helen Marshall says:

    Getting a better education is one thing, but when companies, like Disney, can outsource the skilled jobs to, say, Indian immigrants with H1B visas and force the US employees to train their own poorly-paid replacements, we havent quite gotten there.


    • Anonymous says:

      As Americans we need to fight to protect US jobs. Do not expect the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to defend our civil rights. As Americans our national origin rights should be protected from foreign workers. Unfortunately, EEOC is just another unproductive government agency.


  4. Yes, education is totally screwed up, and we need to get it back to basics. But, we also need to rein in our spend now/tax later local governments! Not only is our Mayor powerless, under this City Manager form of government, but he comes off as pretty much spineless, as well. Somebody has to stop them, and the voters (who mostly do not bother to vote) don’t appear to be interested enough to do this little part. County Commissioners Court is a joke (look what they have allowed to happen with the former County hospital and the unnecessary Childrens hospital). We need leaders who can deal with reality, instead of throwing our tax dollars after their own personal dreams! Fix our streets!


  5. mamboman3 says:

    Let me add one more thought….I believe it was a United Way rep who stated recently that elementary kids who are failing are looked upon as “the future jail population.” Investors in the prison industry are salivating at the possibilities of their coming windfall!


  6. mamboman3 says:

    Better jobs are possible only with a better skilled and educated workforce. Many years ago when I worked in education, this fact was discussed and highly visible efforts were being made to address this. I don’t see that our current city or state leaders have any interest in raising educational levels. Instead we have people who would prefer widening the gap of a two-tiered system of highly paid professionals and businessmen vs. low-wage, unskilled, under educated laborers. Testing thru TEKS, TEAMS, TAKS, or whatever it is these days is a joke and has not improved our states’ ranking even as convicted cheaters have tried to fool us that we are doing better. I believe Socorro just approved buying some new-fangled program for a few hundred thousand dollars that promises to get low performing students to catch up in record time! Apparently, even a second grader gets labeled and treated differently probably for years. I say, “just more bullshit!” Let’s look back at all the bullshit programs and efforts we’ve tried and wasted so much time and money on and just learn from our mistakes and invest in all our teachers and schools so they will produce that better workforce. The effort to “get everyone a college degree” also is BS. We need to let people go into post secondary fields that lead to very good jobs and we’re not doing that either. .


    • epkamikazi says:

      I agree that a college education is often wasted but it also goes against your “better trained, better educated” argument. I think skills can be picked up… very few enter the military as aircraft mechanics… but they do have to pass aptitude tests to enter these fields. I believe if the city can bring in industry/businesses there will be a trainable workforce. Just look at Ready One…


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