They bid us adieu

Since we’ve been talking about the Times these last weeks, a short comment about their Monday, July 27, 2015 issue might be appropriate.

What a waste!

They had some articles about some motor vehicle accidents where unfortunately some people died.  They gave us a list of someone’s most wanted criminals.  They wrote about some local students studying earthquake aftershocks in a foreign county.

We didn’t see any investigative reporting focused on our local problems, although the day before they wrote of our “staggering” problem of people opting to leave town and the need for improved governance.

They even wrote about our county government taking a purchase out to bid.

On second thought that could be news if the county conducted the bid fairly.

We deserve better


6 Responses to They bid us adieu

  1. Psychic says:

    The news about the forecast that gasoline prices will drop in the fall, didn’t take long for the city and the county to give everybody a raise and another tax hike.

    I knew the raise was coming because after all the bad pr for city and county, they had to give the masses a treat to forget all chaos.

    And the masses will forget and re-elect them


  2. Haiduc says:

    If I want current and local news; I watch KVIA or check their website…..


  3. Meanwhile, over on KTSM’s web site this morning, I learned that the City Manager, who has only been on the job, and under contract, for a few months, is already being given a hefty pay raise! And, guess what else? The San Jacinto project is delayed yet again! This time, it is because one of the cables that had to be special ordered from Germany is defective, so now they have to wait for another single cable. Why the Plaza needs a canopy is anybody’s guess, and why it has to be built with materials from overseas, is another wild guess.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Some members of city council just bought the city manager. His contract only required a 5% raise, which he received only weeks ago.

      How many employees on the job for years get even a 5% raise these days. Gonzalez just picked up 30%, plus more deferred income, more vacation, and the ability to get accrue more unused vacation.

      Over at the county, they are considering 2.5% to 4% increases for employees. Gonzalez’s increased comp is nearly double the average household income in El Paso.

      I think city coucil also ponied up the $2.6 million in bonuses for rank and file city employees this week in hopes that the other employees would be less unhappy when they learned about the city manager’s hefty raise just 24 hours later. So his raise really cost us nearly $3 million.

      That’s about the same amount he was claiming to have saved a couple of weeks ago. It’s also about the same amount of money that city council refused to cut from the budget last year before forcing a new water fee on taxpayers.

      If Gonzalez is doing such a great job of saving us millions as Noe suggests, then the previous city manager must have done a lousy job. Yet, council recently named her to the charter advisory committee and the Times and others continue to praise the job she did.

      Gonzalez supposedly saved us millions. City council just gave it all to him and his employees.

      Meanwhile, how much is your raise this year? And how are those quality of life bond projects working out for you?


      • Pillsberry Doe Boy says:

        Your reasoning above is why we should go back to a strong mayor system. Mayor brings in his staff and pays a CPA half of what Wilson and her minions were paid and the new ones with Gonzalez and his new minions. Save us a little money and they think they need a raise. Isn’t that their fooking job ?


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    I stopped my subscription years ago when I concluded that the vast majority of the EPT was car and tire ads and AP wire service reprints, which were all ready available online for free. Apparently not much has changed. They COULD distinguish themselves by doing real investigative work as you say Brutus, instead of simply getting a bunch of emails from a FOI request and calling that “investigative,” or they COULD remove their collective noses from the rear ends of their Paso Del Norte group masters and actually report on things as they truly are, or they COULD even have actual editorials on real issues that don’t contradict their just-above-high-school-journalism-class “reporting.” Alas, they have been poorly run for so long (dare I say they started their down hill slide when they lost all competition when the Herald Post closed shop) that recovery might never happen.

    An El Paso Times that is in the pockets of the people they are supposed to report on (the rich, and the politicians) is not a true press, and in fact, have lost most credibility with the intelligent readers in El Paso. The people left reading the Times are the folks that like to read their own, unfiltered, unquestioned, unaltered press releases.


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