Is this an awakening?

According to this article in the El Paso Times our county commissioners are going to propose a property tax rate for this year that actually lowers each homeowner’s tax payment a little bit.

It hasn’t happened yet but we can hope.

We have to wonder why.  Could it be that the commissioners are beginning to recognize the feelings of the citizens?

Or is it possible that our new county administrator is saving us money?

The article also predicts that the commissioners will turn down a proposal to increase the property tax rates of two of our emergency services districts.  The districts provide fire and ambulance services to some areas of the county.  According to the article the districts want to increase their rates by 10 cents per hundred dollars of valuation.

By way of comparison the county tax rate is about 45 cents per hundred.  According to the county’s web site emergency services district one had a tax rate of 9.9 cents per hundred last year.  A 10 cent increase would more than double their existing rate in one year and bring them to almost half of what the county charges.

These guys evidently have not been listening.

County hospital

Another possible reason that the commissioners might slow down the tax increases is that our county hospital needs money.  While the hospital’s published proposed tax rate for this year will remain the same as last year, we have the issue of the children’s hospital bankruptcy.

County hospital losses also pointed out that they lost $12 million dollars in 2014 without considering any of the children’s hospital issues.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Is this an awakening?

  1. Wind Talker says:

    First off i like this article, But there needs to be some light shed on several topics. First is the Tax Rate. If you look at Texas code 775. An ESD can not tax more than 10 Cents per 100. So the statement that the ESD budget would double is incorrect. The ESD is only looking at keeping the max rate of 10 cents.

    Here are the reasons for keeping the max, the number of incidents that happen in ESD#1 are on the rise due to the number of homes and increase in population. With the money they have figured a way to lower response times and keep a more balanced department with 24/7 coverage, mind you this is serviced by a totally volunteer Fire Dept. These people spend countless hours training and many missed family events for the communities they serve. I’m sure there is a way to calculate the amount of money that goes out the door for an Emergency or 911 call, but there is not enough time to break it down. Now with that stated, Both ESD#1 and #2 are looking at their ISO ratings for the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county they serve. With the 10 cent tax rate they are looking at lowering the ISO ratings. This will be a saving to the home owner on their home owners insurance. With the rapid population growth in ESD#1 they are surveying where to place a second fire station for even faster responses and move to a combination career and volunteer Fire department. This is great for Horizon City and the surrounding area. Seeing that I live in this area if you calculate it out the average home owners property tax would increase by about 5 cents. I know that I am willing to pay for that all day long!

    Next the statement that the ESD’s provides Ambulance service is false. The County pays for that service. The ESD has First Responders trained at all levels in the EMS field. While the ESD’s do not transport, they are normally the first to the Emergency and start stabilizing the incident. The days of Firemen being knuckle draggers or stretcher fetchers are long over. In fact most of these men and women work for ambulance services through out the region.

    If you the reader follow any national trends you will see that there has been a national decline in the number of people signing up to be volunteer firefighters. These men and women are exposed to nasty disease’s and see horrific tragedy at its finest. The last thing we need is a county commissioner’s board that can not appreciate the hard work and dedication. While I agree the area is over taxed I can say that i do not agree with the money the county has spent on other items. I will not drag peoples name’s thru the mud but look at some of theses spending decisions. Cut Taxes that’s fine, it’s much needed and appreciated. Let’s invest in our communities health and protection services. The fact is that one day it will be these people that you are calling apon for help. We need a democracy and not a dictatorship in the county commissioner’s seats.


  2. ManintheMoon says:

    In case some missed it the purpose of UMC ,County Hospital, is to care for those who cannot afford medical care and treatment, the least among us. It was never to be ran like a private sector Hospital. Go read the laws in Texas to the establishment of a county Hospital and who it is established to serve. Go call UMC administration office and tell them your a person that needs medical care and treatment and can’t pay by the time you get past around and force the issue some one will finally admit they you can have care if you can’t pay. That does not mean you will get treatment and care beyond the very basic without forcing the issue. Oh they may get mad at you in forcing them to tell the truth.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Our county judge and commissioners are thinking about the next exlection cycle. I wonder how much UMC’s $12,000,000 loss compares to its original budget was budget.


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