Facts vs. fancy

Our alert Helen Marshall sent us this letter to the editor of the Times and her comments about the letter:

El Paso Times

Posted:   09/01/2015 12:00:00 AM MDT
Sun Metro provides great, inexpensive service

Sun Metro is the best! The buses are always on time with very helpful bus drivers.

I love to look out the windows and see everything that I never get to see if I am driving.

The new Brio buses are the icing on the cake. I can ride from East El Paso to West El Paso for $3 round trip, which will be 60 cents when I am 65.

The Brio takes me to my doctor appointments, great restaurants, the museums, the ballpark, the Mission Trail, the casino, the Magoffin Home and many more places.

There are two free buses that take you everywhere in the Downtown area.

Sun Metro is El Paso’s best kept secret.

Kaye Hudson

East Side

The New York Times at one time had a rule for letters to the effect that “you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.”  Apparently not in operation at the El Paso Times.   If she is riding the Brio from the East Side to the West Side or into the Mission Trail or to the casino, what planet is she on?  And these buses are “always on time?”  Not even “almost always”???

7 Responses to Facts vs. fancy

  1. Good Governance Oxymoron says:

    Actually I saw the BRIO bus picking up passengers at a regular bus stop on Viscount in the GECU credit union area.

    I was fascinated that the BRIO Bus did not need a specially designed million dollar bus stop to load passengers correctly.


  2. Sure reads like a paid testimonial, to me. I agree. I never ride public transportation, but even I know that the BRIO only runs up and down Mesa.


  3. tBusch says:

    The Times has never let facts get in way before. Why start now?


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