Letter in the Times

This from Helen Marshall:

I think he has a point…

City engineering problems may go back to ballpark

The ongoing critique and blame games concerning the problems within the City Engineering Department are troubling.

So far, most of the comments have been shallow and fail to recognize what may be the real problem. Much of the current situation may have originated when the ballpark project was begun.

At that time, the city engineer was tasked to head the ballpark efforts, a Herculean task which left him little time to fulfill his responsibilities of managing the department.

After completion of the ballpark, the engineer was offered a new job which did not allow him to repair any problems that may have developed while his attention was focused on the ballpark.

The other projects in the Engineering Department may have suffered from a lack of leadership at the top.

The people who generated this situation like former Mayor John Cook, former City Manager Joyce Wilson and former city Rep. Steve Ortega should have some responsibility for these failures.

The current city manager seems to understand this and seems to be doing a good job of minimizing the damage.

Alan Jones East Side

5 Responses to Letter in the Times

  1. taxpayer 13 says:

    I remember way back to when Francis was mayor and the engineering department was a disaster. Francis had fixing it a number one priority. He could not do it. Much of the blame lies in the Civil Service system which keeps incompetent people in place.


  2. Jerry K says:

    The irony is that Shubert did manage the ball park construction quite well. Think about it: from “ka boom” to “play ball” in one year. Too bad he left before San Jacinto.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Alan Shubert, the city engineer at that time, was also berated publicly by Niland at a council meeting for having dared to answer media questions about the cost of construction of the ballpark. In that meeting, he also made it clear to council that he was not involved in developing the original ballpark cost estimates which proved to be far below the actual cost. Ms. Wilson had cut him and his department out of the process. The subsequent fallout and problems, which are now costing us money, are simply more indirect costs related to the ballpark. It’s no wonder that Shubert wanted to move on.


  4. Yes, well, this is all well and good, I suppose. But, we still have some of the most sadly neglected streets I’ve ever seen, and projects all over town that should have started, but haven’t, have started, but are way behind, are totally stalled, and/or just don’t get done. Maybe our leaders need to remember that the City of El Paso is more than downtown and the West Side.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      This is an equal opportunity city – we have crappy streets on the West Side too…have you driven down Cincinnati? You would think the city might try to keep the access to the official residence of the UTEP president looking a little better…but no….

      Take a drive to Albquerque, similar climate…find any streets there that are bad as ours…good luck!


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