Total eclipse of the Sun

Do the people at the Times ever read the Times?

In an article the other day about the decline in Sun Metro ridership the reporter wrote:

Sun Metro averages 1,800-2,000 riders each day.

Not that bad

There is no way that the 1,800-2,000 number can be correct.

Looking at their published schedules the regular buses (not including the Brio) make about 1,015 round trips a day.  That would put the average ridership per run at about 2 people.

Sun Metro’s published numbers show that they had about 1,283,000 riders in the month of May 2015.  That works out to about 42,000 riders per day.

According to their report it costs us about $3 per passenger and we collect all of about 54 cents from each one of them if I read the report correctly.

More than $37 million of our sales tax receipts go into Sun Metro every year.

With declining ridership the city plans to add more capacity, particularly through more Brio routes.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Total eclipse of the Sun

  1. Cro-Magnon says:

    Yeah, Rice A Roni, the (clang,clang) El Paso treat !

    I can hardly wait for the tidal wave of tourists coming to ride the trolley. Just like the oversized flat screen that was supposed to be a tourism lure.

    The stupid idea developed and pushed by the guy that can’t distinguish between entertainment, fictional movies vs documentaries. I bet Hollywood producers and directors are shaking.

    Believes Gotham city has had its image tarnished because of the joker and penguin crime waves.


  2. James W. Peterson says:

    Sun Metro likes to use passenger statistics to throw the public off and not let us know how the system is actually doing. When the time comes for the management contract renewal you can bet the numbers will show what looks like an excellently managed transit system. Individual passengers would be one count, passenger trips would be another count and then there is unlinked passenger trips. Then there are numbers that are just plain made up.

    At the paratransit operation the contractor now bunches up ADA paratransit trips with trips provided by taxis (purchased transportation) and trips provided by Job Express (non ADA trips). That let’s them say they are providing more trips, when they actually are not.


  3. homeowner777 says:

    Actually, I’ve hardly EVER seen more than a couple people at a time on any bus.

    So, what IF the ridership drops further?
    The City will pay more of the hard earned sales tax dollars for empty buses to keep running ?
    Seems like SMALLER buses, that use less gas/ diesel/ whatever. . . would be the ticket?
    Many major cities have subways or trolleys so WHAT would be the BIG DEAL to come to El Paso and ride a Trolley?
    ( Maybe those coming from Odessa. . .or Van Horn maybe? )

    Does any of the City Counsel. . . read. . . any of this blog
    to see what Questions. . . might be plaguing citizens ?


  4. anonymous says:

    Two riders is average for the buses I pass. Maybe theTimes numbers are accurate and the Sun Metro numbers are wrong.


  5. Tattoo says:

    Ze trolleys! Ze trolleys!


  6. The trolleys to nowhere, from nowhere? Those trolleys?


  7. mamboman3 says:

    Let’s not forget the trolleys that will make El Paso the perfect alternative to San Francisco!


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