Don’t forget who did this to us

Why is it that we have not seen an organization step in and offer to take over the children’s hospital?

Is it the rent that our county hospital is charging or is it that no one thinks that they can operate a viable children’s hospital in our community?

If we gave free rent to one of these organizations could they make it work?

Unless there is a deal in the works that we don’t know about, it looks like the out of town organizations  have looked at this and decided that the project would not be viable.

Whose fault would that be?  Ultimately the voters approved the bonds so it is out fault.  However, let’s not forget the people who were telling us that this was a good idea.  They told us to believe them because they are experts.

It seems that they are expert in something other than telling the truth.  There were plenty of independent studies that told us that this was a bad idea but these people insisted that they were right.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Don’t forget who did this to us

  1. anonymous says:

    Valenti has said he “will not seek to renew his contract.” Not seeking to renew is different than not renewing. Once the county has control over EPCH, will he be asked to renew and then reverse his position?


  2. Rodney Fender says:

    Just goes to show you – we are NOT smart enough to understand as Veronica Escobar so nicely said some time back. So she and her cronies at the county commissioners court and city council continue not to release information, do things in closed session and stick it to the tax payers. Let’s get smart and start voting them out, recalling them and take control – they are SUPPOSED to work for us.


  3. anonymous says:

    The terms of the current lease are an issue as is the assumption of the EPCH debt. No one can make it work if they are stuck with the current cost structure and have to assume EPCH’s debt to UMC. No respected independent hospital operator is going to want to crawl into bed with UMC.


  4. ManintheMoon says:

    Vero already let the cat out of the bag CH is going to cost us starting in 2016. No way CH will ever be viable on it’s on, not now or in 20 years. Also some one need to ask is there going to be oversight with CH to how our tax dollars will been spent by this private business and what say will the CCC have to how this private business spends our tax dollars? If it’s also kept secret then there needs to be a vote given to the people of El Paso to see if they wish to fund this white elephant with their tax dollars. And the band played on!


  5. All of which simply brings to light the simple fact that maybe it would be better to just cut our losses, shut this place down, and let UMC get back to costing us untold dollars each and every year. This was a bad idea, poorly conceived, very badly executed, and now, it needs to be allowed to die. If someone could operate a successful pediatric hospital here, don’t you suppose it would already have been built years ago?


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