County hospital board’s continuing betrayal of the taxpayers

Our county hospital’s board of managers should be ashamed of themselves, again.

The Texas Open Meetings Act requires that even if a government body elects to go into executive session they can only take action through a vote in open session.

In last month’s meeting the hospital board decided to take their annual review of our hospital administrator into executive session.

When the board emerged they voted to approve the review subject to what was discussed in executive session.

How did he do?

Unfortunately the board chose not to make that public.  They will have to eventually.

The word coward comes to mind.

We deserve better


3 Responses to County hospital board’s continuing betrayal of the taxpayers

  1. We think that the latest story in the El Paso Times about how well UMC did financially this year is a precursor to them justifying his bonus. That’s the same reason they had that doctor address the board last week and claim that he had a letter signed by 100 physicians who wanted Valenti to stay. The whole defunct VivaValenti campaign was just a way to justify the big bonus we all know he is going to get.


  2. Fed Up says:

    If they give Valenti another big bonus I am NOT paying my property taxes this year. They can put me in jail and take care of ME and they cannot take my home as it is a declared homestead!


  3. Obviously, they made a rich man, richer, on our dime[s]!


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