Double dipping

It seems that our city government does not limit its money grab to what it can get from the citizens.

The recent audit discovered that they are not averse to billing the feral government more than once for the same costs:


We deserve better


2 Responses to Double dipping

  1. Pittgus says:

    This one time you’re off by a mile B. and Reality Checker (ironic). No double dip rather a transfer of “eligible” expenditures between grants with a net effect of zero, zippo, “wash”. But then you aren’t expected to know that. Unfortunately City Comptroller staff and external auditor should. But then since you are in the know; you probably caught on there may be an ulterior motive to this public flogging of staff.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    The auditors’ report did not include a recommendation that the city do the right thing and return the money to the federal government. Interesting.

    In light of the city’s own track record of suing vendors for billing disputes, I wish the feds and the state would swarm city hall, conduct their own audits of city invoices related to state and federal reimbursements, and sue the city for any wrong charges. Let the chips fall where they may even if that means cutting off future funding for some programs.


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