This came in from Helen Marshall:

The Times’ account of the financial discussion the other day  at council is not nearly as racy as that of El Diario, which details Niland “exploding” and shouting at Mark Sutter.

In any case, the accounting for the ballpark is rather shaky.  That’s why we have Joyce Wilson running everything still.  


7 Responses to Exploding

  1. house of cards says:

    Actually I am sick of Joyce Wilson and Steve Ortega continually lying and discrediting people who are holding them accountable for the mess they created in office to benefit their political aspirations.

    Reported on 11/19/15

    Joyce Wilson on Wednesday said she and the former city council did not purposely delay the issuance of the ballpark debt until after the Summer 2013 Mayoral election between then City Rep. Steve Ortega and Oscar Leeser, a claim made this week by the City Attorney, Leeser and several city representatives.


    Reported on 11/23/15

    Only on ABC-7: Email shows former city reps purposely delayed sale of ballpark bonds for election


    An email from former City Manager Joyce Wilson confirms former City Representatives directed her behind closed doors to delay the sale of the ballpark bonds until after the mayoral election of a stadium supporter in order to avoid more bad publicity, a decision that cost the city $22 million.


    I imagine Ms Firth has a folder full of emails just waiting for an ORR. No doubt Bob Moore and the EPT will not be making the request. They seem more determined to deflect and cover for Wilson and Ortega


    • Brutus says:


      How can she keep her job now that she has been caught telling this lie?



      • Reality Checker says:

        If you’re talking about the former city manager, I will answer your question by posing some questions. Think about how quickly she was given her current position in an organization heavily funded by the state. That position magically opened up just when she needed a job. No one else was even considered.

        So, who wanted to reward her? Who paved the way to enable her to quickly get her current job, even while she was still drawing a check from the city? Who had the pull to make that happen? If you stop and think about it, the answer is obvious.

        She is untouchable as long as she has the support a few powerful individuals who spend a lot of money to influence politics at the state and local levels.


  2. ethical taxpayer says:

    The real story is that council asked the financial company to wait to issue the bonds because of the upcoming election. When the advisers were given the go-ahead, the bond market had deteriorated. The financial advisers warned council of this when they voted to postpone.
    Now Niland wants to blame the financial advisers. What a joke. Sutter admits to being warned. Only Niland is in denial.
    What’s worse, reading tonight’s issue of the Times, is that Romero was taking advantage of the situation by pushing for a change of advisers. The only problem is that the advisers that Romero wants are his former employers. But Romero hid that fact by removing that info from his on-line bio. Romero is the antithesis of cronyism. Thank goodness, Sutter stepped up and now there will be no replacement of the financial advisers, Romero can’t even succeed in being crooked.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Am I the only one who is sick of Niland’s arrogant, condescending, mean-girl behavior? It’s both tiresome and nauseating. How she gets away with it is beyond me. The support she continues to receive from supposed city leaders also gives me greater reason to doubt some of the people, who we hold up as leaders in our community. Most of the media also give her a free pass. I wish voters in her district would recall her.


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    A lie told enough times becomes the truth.


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