They could do it if they wanted to

The other day the Times published an article about a prominent local family that has ended up in court to try to settle differing financial claims between family members.

The coverage looked  thorough, complete, and well thought out.  It told us about the different sides of the disagreement and seemed to be balanced.  Details that were disclosed showed real investigation on the part of the reporter.

The article is proof that the Times can look into an issue and report on it.

If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind about the lack of objective coverage of local government issues from the Times, we now know for certain.

The Times must have had a reason for its coverage.  This was a private issue and of absolutely no importance to the average citizen.  Yet they ran an extensive article.  One can only wonder who pulled that string.

The Times has chosen to act as a public relations outlet for our local  governments.  Time and time again we have seen the Times help them at the expense of the citizens of El Paso.

We deserve better


2 Responses to They could do it if they wanted to

  1. just asking says:

    Why does everyone take the Times to task all the time, yet give the Inc a free pass?


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    We should generate a list: FOPDN: Friends of Paso Del Norte. Once you have that list, you know exactly who the Times supports or does not support.


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