Texans For Education Reform

The Times ran an article the other day that I read as criticism of Texans For Education Reform (TER).

While the article spent little time explaining what TER is up to they did seem to give special emphasis to what they think is wrong with the group.

The article even had subheadings like “Objections”, “Connections”, and “Replacement not, persuasion”.

They did explain that TER is a proponent of more charter schools.  One of the cited objections is that the charter schools use “public school money”.  It is true that charter schools get funding from the state.  How the money became “public school money” was not explained.

The article did not point out that charter schools do not get any of our local property taxes.  In EPISD local tax revenue accounts for about 35% of their revenue.

My point here is neither to endorse nor condemn charter schools.  From a financial perspective however for every student that attends a charter school the public schools are getting 35% of their normal per student revenue and are bearing zero percent of the cost of their education.

Please let us know what your thoughts are about charter schools.

We deserve better



2 Responses to Texans For Education Reform

  1. Sad El Pasoan says:

    El Paso Inc. reported on April 15, 2012, the following regarding Burnhamwood Charter Schools “The district came under intense scrutiny starting in late 2009 when TEA initiated a series of visits and hard audits that led to a special accreditation investigation. For the past three school years, TEA has listed the district’s accreditation as “pending.” Two years later, El Paso Inc. reported on April 26, 2015, “the district sued the state to challenge the allegations and to recover $400,000 that was withheld, as well as about $500,000 in legal fees”. What was the final outcome?


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    Follow the funding trail and you will find the agenda laying in a pot of gold at the end.


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