This came in from ElPTaxGuardians:

We are reaching out to you, the other El Paso Bloggers (at least, the ones we could find email addresses for), with a proposal.  Early elections started today with the Primary on March 1st.  Let’s face it, election turn out in El Paso SUCKS! We thought it would be an interesting social experiment if all of us started to encourage our followers to vote.  Separately we address the things that we don’t like in El Paso, what if we all joined together (briefly) with one common purpose – to encourage the people of El Paso to get out and vote.  What if, for the next 2 weeks, we all posted blogs that talked about the candidates we liked, the candidates we don’t like, the races we’re interested in, always encouraging El Paso to vote?  

We think that, with each of our separate reaches, audiences, and writing styles that we could, possibly, affect some change.  Isn’t that why you started your blog?
ELP Tax Guardians
You can reach their blog by clicking the “More Blogs” button at the top of the page.

11 Responses to ElpTaxGuardians

  1. We voted but were sad to see so few people at the polls.


  2. One party system says:

    Well, the choices ? A Dem from NE, a Dem from central, a Dem from lower valley, a Dem from (fill in blank) and the Black Dems.
    Now if they stick to the Dem platforms and talking points, then what ?

    Oh there’s a Rep party ? Oh that’s right, one candidate out of how many open seats ? Occasionally we hear about some other unknown political party.

    Just put the drones in motion, voila. We have a Dem majority in every area!! And nothing changes ?


    • Deputy Dawg says:

      Missing the point competely. It is about numbers. If El Paso has 6% turnout then Austin can contiune to ignore us. If , however, we all of a sudden get 60-70% turnout on a regualr basis, then all of a suddent we become a force in Austin. Until then, we get the scraps that they throw us.


      • Deputy Dawg has the right of it. It’s all about numbers, and “One party system” is missing the point. For one thing, it is rather obvious that the one party person has no idea what is on the ballot, because this current primary is not so much local politics, as it is statewide and national! And, it is going to be only Democratic candidates, since most of those few who bother to vote in El Paso happen to be Democrats. Maybe if you were to see a Republican ballot, you’d be aware that that is how the system works.


        • Strike ! says:

          You missed the point, the voter turn out in El Paso is terrible because there is no change and no alternative. Even the few Republicans vote for Democrat.

          The state and national elections really don’t matter in El Paso unless it’s a Democrat and we know the vote. The vote will show that El Paso simply voted to be included with a winner.


  3. David Wellington Chew says:

    I’ve already voted; and I voted for Steve Hughes, Justice 8th Court of Appeals. He is by far the best qualified, and he has done an excellent job since his appointment. He office in my former chambers and is using the stand-up desk that I used during my service as Justice and Chief Justice.
    David Wellington Chew


  4. Jerry K says:

    If people are not self-motivated to engage as a citizen, they shouldn’t vote at all because they will vote on auto-pilot and we keep on getting the same old same old.


  5. Fed Up says:

    My wife and I ALWAYS vote. My recommendation – Vote against the Democratic click that now runs this county/city. Vote against all incumbents that have shafted the taxpayer. Change won’t happen if we don’t force it.


    • Fed Up: First of all, when are you (and others) going to realize that the problem in El Paso is not partisan, not anywhere near the extent that partisan politics rules Texas or the U. S., as a whole? El Paso politics are still based on the good ol’ boy system, and that system doesn’t really care about parties. Secondly, the word you wanted was clique, not click.


  6. Personally, I voted by mail, last week. I encourage everyone to vote, but I have pretty much given up on trying to make people carry out this vital civic duty. I have tried begging, pleading, whining, joking, pushing, shoving, and warning of all kinds of dire results if people do not vote, and still I see this poor turnout. I would note that it was not particularly encouraging to see so many – especially the various judgeships – running unopposed.


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