Widen the net

Noticeably absent from the Times coverage the other day of the various messes at the city was any mention of our former chief financial officer.

In Who had the power to sell the ballpark bonds? we saw that any one of three people could have sold the bonds including the former CFO.

One might argue that under the old city manager no one would dare to disagree with her.  In fact at least one deputy city manager did and lost her job faster than you can say redo San Jacinto Plaza.  Now that I think of it almost anything could be done faster than the San Jacinto Plaza project so lets say faster than the baby sitter’s boyfriend when your car pulls up.

Of course that was much of the problem and still is today.  The city manager’s job has become so powerful that city staff cannot respectfully disagree.

Our former chief financial officer had a duty to the public to sound the alarm.  Maybe she was in favor of the delay and shares responsibility for the $27 million that we lost.  She of all people should have known better.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Widen the net

  1. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    It is all just a desperate attempt to cover up the cronyism that led to the bond delay and the $10MM bribe we were forced to pay to the EP Times. And there is no one speaking for us. All the voices are to protect the guilty from exposure.


  2. Fed Up says:

    We the people – really should clean house in the city and county. Elect new leaders and get rid of a number of upper level county and city employees. New people could do no worse.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    It looks to me like the insiders are circling their wagons.

    City council was unwilling this week to use it or the ethics commission’s subpoena power to compel Wilson to reveal who influenced her to delay the sale of the ballpark bonds until after the election.

    If city council is unwilling to use its most powerful tool to quickly get to the truth, council is now complicit in a cover-up designed to protect Wilson, current and or former members of council, and possibly other parties with special interests.

    By not acting swiftly to compel Wilson to disclose this information, the mayor and council are also giving Wilson and other parties to talk to one another and “get their stories straight.”


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