Quit stalling

Just when it looks like the local politicos have run out of fingers to point we learn that our former city manager’s attorney is in a dust up with the investigator that the city hired.

The investigator evidently wrote “Ms. Wilson’s legal counsel indicated that she was advising Ms. Wilson not to cooperate with this investigation any further” in his report to the city.

Now according to the Times the former city manager’s attorney has written “I am demanding that you immediately correct your false and malicious statement regarding Ms. Wilson’s position” in a letter to the investigator.

In Pitiful we saw that on November 15, 2015 Ms. Wilson said that she did not purposely delay the sale of the ball park bonds until after the city election.

KVIA exposed her on November 23, 2015 by showing an August 26, 2013 email from her to our city attorney where she outlined the process that led her to delay the sale.

It is hard to believe anything that she says at this point.  The news reports indicate that she says she is not refusing to cooperate with the investigation.  Instead she needs more time.

I don’t know how much time it will take for her to come up with the names of the people who were involved with the delay of the sale of the bonds.  Her August 26, 2013 email already has shown that the former mayor and mayor-pro-tempore “concurred” with the delay.

It seems that she should be able to tell us soon, real soon.

“After that I expect the city to move on”, Wilson said according to the Times article.

Many of us might have said “After that I hope that the city will move on” but in her case she seems to think that she can tell us what to do.

We deserve better



10 Responses to Quit stalling

  1. M.T. Cicero says:

    Sound like Hilary?


  2. ManintheMoon says:

    The CC and the Mayor are playing El Paso citizens and taxpayers like a harp from hell and they will do what ever it take probably just short of ending up in jail to keep the truth about Wilson, others and the bonds being known to the public. Guys you got to face the truth the fix is in unless the people of El Paso stand up and stop taking the non-sense from city hall. You guys will no ever know the truth until you get all involved in a court of law under oath.
    Sorry they laugh at you guys and know pretty much they can do what the want even if there has be a violation of they law by someone using their office in an attempt to manipulate an election. They will fly air cover until the citizens of El Paso force them to come clean and right now that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.


    • Reality Checker says:

      100% correct


      • ManintheMoon says:

        Reality Checker
        Here is one way to get at them is the taxpayers be as slow as possible in paying their taxes. See they project how much tax they will receive based on the taxpayers paying their taxes expediently. I say pay then as slow as possible if you can do in in a payment plan do it. When taxes dollars start coming in at a crawl and they know they people are in protest of their actions just maybe they will change their behavior. Not telling any one not to pay their taxes just be as slow as you can in doing so. They always get nervous when their revenue source are in jeopardy.


  3. Why did the City Council elect to send a letter to Wilson instead of using their subpoena capability as recommended by the Ross Fischer report? Do they think that she’ll answer the questions now that they’ve said ‘pretty please’?


    • Jerry K says:

      You don’t suppose there are people still on council who made that request of her or concurred in it? Who might have political ambitions themselves and do not want it known that they threw the taxpayers under the bus for political reasons?

      There are reasons why a subpoena may not be in Wilson’s future.


  4. Fed Up says:

    I think it is time we make sure our current political leaders understand that we think it is time Ms. Wilson and her kind move out of El Paso. We need to clean up the city and county government and remove not just the dirty political leaders but the city and county managers who are involved or ineffective.


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    If we had any sense we would ensure that she moves on…why is she still here influencing what happens in El Paso???


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