Late to the show

Aren’t we lucky?

Our long time district attorney has stood on the sidelines while many of local politicos are convicted.

Now on the eve of an election where he has two opponents he has decided to ask a different agency to investigate some of the mess at the city.

Wow!  Talk about firm action to protect the citizens!

Note that his office is not talking about investigating.  He is asking someone else to do it.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Late to the show

  1. Rodney Fender says:

    Vote for one of the other Democrats running against him – I did!!


  2. […] that list?  The recommendation that a subpoena be issued for Joyce Wilson.  Also, we agree with – this move by Jaime Esparza looks more like a desperate move to help his election campaign. […]


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Political opportunism combined with covering his a–.


  4. Thank you for bringing up this very important point. I, too, have been wondering why the local prosecutor and law enforcement people have not been doing anything. IMHO, CCC and UMC also need to be investigated, but I suppose that is too much to hope for.


  5. ManintheMoon says:

    The investigation should have been done by Sheriff Wiles department. Wonder why Wiles was not asked? Remember the D.A. prosecutes criminal act that have been investigated by law enforcement. If you file criminal charges with the D.A.’s office the investigation of those charges will be the responsibility of either El Paso PD or El Paso Sheriff’s department.
    I know from experience that the D.A’s office will send you to the El Paso PD and they will try every intimidation tactic to make you go away if you are going after local government.
    El Paso corruption starts at the door of Esparza and Wiles because they have failed time and time again to do anything about the issue in El Paso county and City government even when it was common knowledge the corruption was taking place.
    The again many will put their heads in the sand or other places and deny there ever was a problem.
    Hey just take a look at Ruprecht the Monkey Boy David K’s blog it’s all good in El Paso and nothing going on of note even with the lose of 22 million dollars of the people’s money because some one tried to us their office and position to manipulated an election.


    • Y Que! says:

      David K. reminds me of the character Kevin Bacon played in Animal House:

      And pledging loyalty to the Borderplex cabal:


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Sheriff Wiles is not the head of the EP Police Department, so any intimidation tactics they use are not his responsibility. Chief Allen, who brought us the $1 million shutdown of the central city during the pope’s visit is the guy.


      • ManintheMoon says:

        Helen Marshall says
        Never post Wiles was the head of EL Paso PD but he is part of the problem and the corruption starts at his door in failing to do anything to stop it.Most in El PAso know the difference between El Paso PD and El Paso Sheriff’s department.


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