Deja Vu all over again

Our county commissioners court is scheduled to consider an economic development plan today, Monday, March 21, 2016.

Among the ideas being considered is the redevelopment of our county coliseum.

Based on events from our recent past we might see something like this being approved:

Cultural, children’s, satellite, ball park, arena, sportsplex

The plan will be to build this vitally necessary facility quickly.  Because our elected officials feel that they are better qualified than us “crazies” the project will be handled with absolutely no public input and all records and correspondence related to the project will instantly eviscerated.

We will probably be told that:

  • They need to do this immediately because a regional roller derby team franchise is available and some other city like Van Horn will snap it away from us if we hesitate.
  • It can’t be built on the existing coliseum site.  Instead the only practical solution is to drain Ascarate lake and use that land for the new facility.  Ascarate lake can easily be moved to where the old coliseum was.
  •  The facility will not cost local taxpayers anything.  Roller derby fans from around the world will voluntarily pay high ticket prices to fund the project.
  • The facility will have no operating costs since with a seating capacity of 12 seats several charitable foundations will do the work.
  • The new facility will actually save taxpayers $17 million each and every year because of reduced trips to the emergency room.
  • Roller skaters deserve a cultural facility.
  • We need to do this for the children because there is no place for them to go for entertainment.
  • The county’s inability to finish the sportsplex is not indicative of what will happen here.  This project will be handled differently.
  • Traffic control, security, and sanitation responsibilities will be foisted on the city.  They have plenty of money.

Help us help you

There will be a small technicality in that the voters will have to approve the project in a special election.  Plenty of false flyers will be distributed to help alleviate our concerns.

Citizens should not be worried about the original plan because it will be changed once the election has been won.

We deserve better



6 Responses to Deja Vu all over again

  1. Helen Marshall says:

    So what are the Coliseum and the “arena” for, and why are we building an arena that will likely “compete with the Haskins Center” according to the guy who runs the Coliseum now? Was this Joyce Wilson’s fantasy, to take business away from the Don and show who’s the most powerful woman in town? Why are we building a trolley that will run up to the Haskins Center at Glory Road if the idea is to stage everything downtown? Can anyone tell me what events we do not have in El Paso now because we don’t have an arena downtown???


  2. Pete says:

    But after the voters have approved this plan, a rowdy group of under served abuelitas will storm Commissioners Court and demand that the roller rink be changed to the Mejicano americano wheel chair path and the Commissioners will agree.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    None of these economic development plans ever bear fruit, but they keep spending money on them.


  4. Jerry K says:

    Maybe city and could could talk about a joint use arena? Except that would be less expensive and use less architecture,engineering and construction expenditures, pissing off the local donor class.

    Still, the Union Pacific rail yard on I-10 is a perfect location and a bigger arena could attract larger monster truck rallies that they could schedule for election days.


  5. Comedy says:

    LOL, I suppose this is part of the new fairy tale hour the county has developed


  6. One would think you have been around this community for a time, based on your guesses. They are pretty much spot on.

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