Over the last week, Max Powers discussed El Paso Times coverage of Marissa Marquez’ lobbying gig, while the paper has neglected to report on other elected officials, who also may have conflicts between their elected position and their private gigs.

I’ll add one more case to the discussion, although it doesn’t involve an elected official – Bryan Crowe. Crowe serves as the the City of El Paso’s Managing Director for the Quality of Life departments and a member of the City Manager’s Executive Leadership Team. Yet, formally, he is employed by SMG – a firm based in suburban Philadelphia, contracted to manage El Paso’s convention center.

The potential conflict – SMG is likely to apply to manage the city’s soon to be built “Multipurpose cultural and performing arts center” (re: the arena). The city currently has an open RFP for these services. One would presume that the Managing Director for the Quality of Life departments would be involved in the selection process.

I wonder why the El Paso Times spent such print space questioning Marquez, but has not discussed the potential SMG/Crowe conflict of interest. … Or, the other potential conflicts discussed by Mr. Powers.

Not sure what we deserve.

Caligula’s Nephew

7 Responses to Insider?

  1. Fed Up says:

    Depends on which “in crowd” you are in. I suggest we get rid of the whole damn bunch and start over with true working people to run and be voted in or perhaps a lot more Republicans and Independents to balance things out and fight for the tax payers for a change.


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    The Times Reports on what their masters, The Paso Del Norte Group , wants them to report on.


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