Avoiding the press


This article in El Paso Inc. highlights situations where city officials do not make themselves available to the news media.

From the article:

El Paso Inc. was unable to reach Mack  directly, but she responded by email to a question about contacts between the city and Uber.


Last week, El Paso Inc. sent emails asking about the enforcement issue to Mayor Oscar Leeser, city manager Tommy Gonzales and Assistant Police Chief Michelle Gardner, who is responsible for enforcing the vehicles for hire ordinance, but received no response.

The article was a comprehensive piece about the disparity between the way the city treats cabs and Uber.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Avoiding the press

  1. Judy Maddox says:

    Hey no post today????????

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  2. Female Uber Rider says:

    I will not ride in a City cab. I exclusively take Uber — in El Paso and cities across the country, and once in England. Cabs are dirty, smelly and have rude drivers. They cost more than Uber. Uber will pick you up. Have you ever tried to take a cab to the airport? Don’t count on it showing up on time. I don’t feel sorry at all for the cab drivers. If they had clean vehicles and tried even the tiniest bit to be polite, they would not be under attack. I have never felt unsafe in Uber while I have felt unsafe many times in a cab.

    In Egypt, female riders only feel safe in Uber cars. Taxis are dangerous for women in Muslim countries. Every Uber driver I’ve had (and some have been female) are normal people — unlike the crazy Iranian drivers you get in NY. and those in El Paso who don’t speak English.

    My friends and I use Uber for a Saturday night out. We will not be on the road driving while impaired. It is impossible to get a cab to pick you up and take you home in a timely, afordable manner.

    Cabs are a service that is outdated. We don’t need carriage makers any more, either. Uber, and services like Uber, are the future. stick to your flip phone and leave Uber alone.


  3. JCintheEast says:

    Did you hear about the new creation of the El Paso cab companies? It’s called Andale Ride and it’s very similar to Uber but with a bit of Hispanic taste.

    I agree it’s unsafe to get into an Uber car. Practically anyone can download the app and become a driver for them. I will not let my wife into one when she goes out of town for business.

    I’ve always said that it’s more practical and sometimes cost effective to simply rent a car. Many people from out of town have complained that there are never any rental cars available when they visit. I find that so idiotic. It’s not a one time occurance but almost every time they visit.


    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t even want to get into a licensed cab here in El Paso, especially those at the airport. Every one I have ever been in made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe at any speed.


  4. Fed Up says:

    Speaking of city and county officials not making themselves available, I tried to pay my vehicle registration today only to find that our local government offices are closed for Cesar Chavez Day. It’s worth pointing out that all the offices where you can take care of this are on the east side. The county apparently has no interest in serving west side residents.

    Local and state employees now get about 17 holidays per year on top of their vacation. Think about it. That’s equivalent to nearly four weeks (business days). That’s not counting the days city employees get off thanks to the City of El Paso 4-day work week. No wonder we can’t get anything done around here.


    • Jerry K says:

      Local and state employees now get about 17 holidays per year on top of their vacation.
      The “manana” thing-y is pretty big in these parts.


    • The 17 days of holiday is not accurate. That number includes a number of “optional” holidays, and a number of days when skeleton crews are required to be at work.


  5. Road Warrior says:

    I take cabs rather than Uber because I have no way of knowing whether an Uber driver is safe. Case in point, there was a nut case shooting up a city in between his Uber runs a couple of months ago. A taxi driver in Vegas last week told me one of his fares told him an equally crazy Uber story. The guy had asked an Uber driver to wait while he in ran into the location he was visiting and the driver told him he couldn’t do that because he needed to get the vehicle back to the real Uber driver. Turned out he wasn’t the real Uber driver, he was just borrowing the vehicle from his friend because he’d lost his license and needed to earn some money.
    What really makes me nervous about the new ordinance is the fact it would eliminate fingerprinting. Background checks with fingerprints really just verify information about the information provided–it doesn’t tell you if the individual is the person they say they are. The one marketing advantage cabs have over Uber is better security.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      I know one Uber driver who is not only a jerk but has a criminal record; as he is considered OK by Uber I would never ever get in an Uber car!


  6. I have found that there is little point in bothering to communicate with any of our elected representatives (city, county, or state). All they do – if they reply – is restate their personal beliefs and positions, while continuing to ignore who put them there, or why. Worse, you have now given them another contact to send their particular propaganda to, and they will send you propaganda!


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