Perp walk

What a coincidence!

Just days after EPISD, one of our former mayors, and the Times complimented our former state senator for his fight against a “large criminal ring” the FBI has arrested five former EPISD employees on charges relating to the almost six year old  cheating scandal.

Somehow the local media people were on hand at the very moment the accused were taken to jail.

I don’t know what these people did or did not do.

I do know that they deserve a fair and objective process.

What bothers me is that it looks like they are being tried in the court of public opinion instead of in a courtroom.  Actually their chances of making it into the courtroom are slim.

More on that in upcoming posts.

We deserve better





12 Responses to Perp walk

  1. poor episd administrators says:

    The very idea of people feeling sorry for the poor little administrators is sickening to me. A teacher that was bullied and threatened retired at the end of last year and committed suicide this summer. A very sweet man and a gentle person and these bullies and crooks destroyed him. You think this about about Shap? Get a clue, this investigation is still ongoing, they havent finished and this started a long time ago.

    11,000 fake attendance documents….who do you think will get stuck if that bill arrives? Will they be charged with ripping off the government of the ADA money? I have no idea. The man who brought this out in the open was Dan Wever. If Dan didn’t get involved nothing would have happened I assure you. The scars and mental anguish of the teachers who experienced this reign of terror will never completely heal and here you are feeling sorry for them. Very sad to see the kids from Austin past and present speak so highly of these people when trotted out for the press. They have no idea what went on due to the fear of retaliation that permeated the institutions in the priority school program. Teachers were afraid to talk to one another….one little group held on to one another as they tried to voice concerns about corruption and the administration at Austin took action. Only 2 teachers are in the report by the FBI but it was more than that….a lot of good people were silenced.

    Now back to your regular programming


    • Dan Wever says:

      Poor Episd admin, I had a very small part in this drama. It was the start of the game and I only supplied numbers to Shapleigh and he took the ball and ran with it along with information from many other people. With out his pit bull actions I think Lorenzo Garcia could very well be Secretary of Education and kids would still be being robbed of their chance for a life changing education.
      Thank you Senator Shapleigh !!!!!!!!! I do not need any more accolades as I got to marry Frances McNabb and that makes me number uno, anyway that is what she tells me! 🙂


    • Juana says:

      I think retaliation against the teachers is terrible but to say “they will never completely heal” is over the top. Work places can be brutal but I have never heard even the most abused employee say that he would never heal.


  2. Concerned says:

    Footage of the perp walk was over the top and uncalled for – sad that this entire incident can’t be put to rest! Yes, they violated the law but would they have done what they did if they didn’t have their superior telling them to do it? No excuse for breaking the law BUT I am sure they were trying to protect their jobs – would they have cooked up this scheme on their own? NO! Garcia cooked it up and brought Damon into execute it. Where is Terri Jordan in all of this? She was Garcia’s right hand. Yes, all of these individuals should of said NO to falsifying records etc. but don’t the Feds have bigger fish to fry??


  3. JerryK says:

    Notably, Shapleigh said that he took the complaints from teachers to Jaimie Esparza who did nothing. So then he went to the Feds. Did Esparza refuse to investigate because it wasn’t in his jurisdiction? Would anyone here know?


    • ManintheMoon says:

      Esparaza did what he always does with corruption in local government looks the other way and then claims he knew nothing. Good reason to vote Esparaza out of office this time around but El Paso will not.
      And the band played on!


      • JerryK says:

        What I asked was if it was in his jurisdiction. Does anyone know?


        • ManintheMoon says:

          Jerry K
          Believe it is safe to say that EPISD is in Esparaza jurisdiction like most of far west Texas.


          • ManintheMoon says:

            Also let us add one more who had jurisdiction to investigate that being Sheriff Wiles which like Esparaza can’t seem to investigate open corruption going on in El Paso even when pointed out unless it happens to be for political interest. Then again these local Democratic leaders they all feed from the same trough.


  4. Y Que! says:

    Are our local politicians next in line to do the perp walk?


  5. FWIW, and based on working with the FBI many years ago as an investigator for the State Board of Medical Examiners, I can tell you that they do not make arrests until and unless they have all the proof they need, because Federal prosecutors will not proceed without all the evidence they need to convict. As for local media coverage, that is undoubtedly due to a tip from the local FBI office.


  6. Deputy Dawg says:

    Reminded me of the Juarez police when they arrest the cartel leader and parade them in front of the cameras.


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