Goose, not gander

Item 13.2 on city council’s Tuesday, May 17, 2016 introduces an ordinance that would exempt the city from obeying their outdoor lighting code on city properties.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Goose, not gander

  1. John Peterson says:

    I spent 13 years going to city hall, meeting with elected officials, fighting with Clear Channel and the billboard people, and meeting the community groups pushing the lighting ordinance. I ran the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium from 1986-2010, so I felt that it was appropriate for me to try to improve my city, save money, and make it a safer place to live. As the years went by conditions continued to go downhill in the city. I worked for EPISD and saw first hand the corruption of Garcia and his criminals there. Then I saw our nice city hall and our only science museum destroyed. I finally could not live in such a corrupt place and moved to Florida. Here I have a more expensive home, but my taxes are less than half of what they were in El Paso. I am surrounded by many beautiful museums, parks, nature trails, bike paths, beautiful well maintained beaches, boat ramps, musical and theater events and I can see my tax money doing so many things that improve life here. I love the people and culture of El Paso, the beauty of the desert, and the mountains, but I have never seen so many idiots in charge and running a city into the ground.


  2. ManintheMoon says:

    Just told this is being pushed by Clear Channel so that the light ordinance can be totally remove in the future. Remember most every one of your CC members took money from Clear Channel so they are acting in for these special interest and not the people of El Paso.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    This one thing gets to the root of what is wrong with our local government and culture. People in positions of authority think the laws don’t apply to them. It starts with small, marginal things and expands like a fast-growing cancer. That’s why people like Romero and Gonzalez do the things they do and why people in local government agencies keep getting indicted. We have a real f****** problem. The standard response that this stuff happens in all cities is neither accurate nor a good excuse. I for one am sick of it.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    Anyone know if it passed? Don’t have time to watch the videos of the Coucil in “action.”


  5. Anonymous says:

    Leave it to the clowns on shitty council to waste tax payer money.


  6. ManintheMoon says:

    Yep got to help EP Electric out using with more ineffective and inefficient lighting. Hey some one on CC thinks we need to be seen by passing extraterrestrials from space to bring in more tourism. Clearly someone at the city thinks it’s a good idea El Paso’s light dome can be seen and photographed more than 200 miles away.
    Yep let’s help El Paso with more bad lighting which causes more health problems from behavioral problems in children, sleep issue for adult, to raising cancer risk for woman.Can’t leave out the accidents poor lighting causes or how poor lighting which causes glare in the human eye and how it helps the criminal element. In addition to issues it causes with wildlife.
    And let us not forget the destruction of the night sky by poor lighting that has started to infringe on a couple of our nations world class observatories a few hundred miles away from El Paso from it’s light pollution. Or the millions of dollars thrown up into the sky a year that is wasted by the use of poor lighting.
    Hey it’s all good if some good buddies of the CC are making money. Last but not least let’s make sure the people, the children, of El Paso county can’t see the greatest wonder created by the hand of God “the Universe” that would be asking to much.


  7. Deputy Dawg says:

    Good bye dark sky. The Dark Sky Ordinanace was set into place a few yeas back to reduce the amount of light pollution. Instead of having lights blast in all directions, the ordinance required that light form lighting fixtures be directed towards the ground. It actually makes economic sense as well for businesses. Why pay for electricity that essentially lights up nothing? Juarez has it in place, and the DSO was a joint effort of local, state and national astronomers as well as concerned citizens.


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