EPISD just lost some votes for their upcoming $400 million bond election.

The former chief financial officer of the City of El Paso has just joined EPISD as deputy superintendent of finance and operations.

Our new deputy superintendent was intricately involved in providing the financial analyses for the ball park and the demolition and moving of city hall.  The projects have been completed and her numbers were grossly wrong.

Now EPISD has put her in a position to mishandle bond funds if the district can convince the voters to approve them.

There is also an ethics problem here in my opinion.  She was on the state-appointed board of managers of the district up until May of last year.  Now she is becoming an employee.  Did she make decisions while on the board that facilitated her hiring?  I don’t know but many people have different standards than her and believe that she should avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

From the Texas Education Code:

Sec. A11.063.AA  ELIGIBILITY FOR EMPLOYMENT. A trustee of an independent school district may not accept employment with that school district until the first anniversary of the date the trustee ’s membership on the board ends.

The state-appointed board of managers stepped down May 18, 2015.  She started at the district May 18, 2016 according to the Times.  Couldn’t she have waited one more day?

This does not bode well for the bond project.

We deserve better


17 Responses to Unbelievable

  1. good governance oxymoron says:

    Wasn’t she on the board that voted to hire Cabrera?
    Did she vote for his salary increases?

    Texas law is wrong on this one.

    A former trustee should never be allowed to work under any superintendent that they managed as a trustee.

    Did the current board have to approve the appointment? If they did shame on them. Although with Byrd on this board the lack of integrity is no surprise.

    Aside from the ballpark financial sham she pulled on the taxpayers, Fuzzy math lady was wrong on almost every budget projection she made while at the city.


  2. Sunshine says:

    Well Dori Fennenbock and the rest of the board just lost my vote. I cannot trust a group that disregards ethics and competence. This woman has proven her incompetence and it cost us millions. She serves a different master. And I agree, highly unethical that she has a spot reserved for her by the man she hired. I will not ire to hand over millions more for her to mismanage.


  3. Jerry K says:

    Hunt and Foster must have big plans to raid EPISD assets and needed a friendly accountant on board. She did the stadium bait-and-switch nicely for them once before and so has proven that she can work the plan.


  4. Reality Checker says:

    She told KVIA she was happy to return to “public service.”

    I’m sure the hefty salary and benefits had nothing to do with her decision.

    She must have concluded that the current city manager isn’t going to leave as quickly as she had hoped, so she took the EPISD job until she can take another shot at the city manager job.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Right on Brutus! Some old recycling of the same old crooked ronies.


  6. Casual Observer says:

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, move from one government job to another.


  7. charlie says:

    Apparently the recent FBI arrest of MORE EPISD employees, has done nothing to change the attitude at EPISD. Public corruption is inherent with El Paso POLITICIANS, Public Officials. It’s always there, it never ends. But the LOCAL “Authorities” never see nuthin, hear nuthin, don’t know nuthin. It’s always the FBI that finds any CORRUPTION. When approached by Senator Eliot Shapleigh about EPISD corruption, the District Attorney, did NOTHING. He needs to GO this next election.


  8. Juana says:

    And I thought the EPISD Board was doing a good job! And now this. I also will not vote to put money in this woman’s control and I will not support the Board that hired her.


  9. Helen Marshall says:

    Bye bye bond issue…


  10. tBusch says:

    We keep recycling the same criminals. Hilarious.


  11. Same old EPISD says:

    There is new corruption at EPISD. Media, start questioning all of the hand picked positions being filled without proper interview process. Watch the moves that will occur once the low test scores are revealed.


  12. Again and Again says:

    So, the corruption at EPISD continues! The media should question have many positions have been added at central office since Cabrera came on board. Just the number of individuals in the EPISD media dept./PR dept – referred to as the community engagement dept. has 14 people in it!


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