Good signs from EPISD

Dori Fenenbock, the president of the EPISD board looked into Dan Wever’s post Making money from the district and was kind enough to send us this statement that she had received from a senior administrator:

“The Teacher and Principal Insight “Talent Predictors” have not been used for almost 3years.”

It looks like the new team is cleaning some things up.

Our thanks to Mrs. Fenenbock.


6 Responses to Good signs from EPISD

  1. Voter says:

    Looks like Weaver’s evil board of managers did the right thing. Too bad Weaver cannot give credit where credit is due.


  2. Just Asking says:

    Any chance we could employ IQ testing and character predictor testing on candidates for city council before they take office? Same for candidates for city manager.


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    And by the way…shame on the commenters on EPS for assuming everything that is posted is 100% accurate. How many just jumped on the “Yeah me too” bandwagon without even thinking to verify what the post was saying was correct? Come on, we deserve better, right Brutus?


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    Dan needs to get better inside sources or maybe just pick up a phone and make a call once in a while. His “everything EPISD administration does is evil” schtick is wearing thin.


    • Dan Wever says:

      When I first wrote this letter to the BOM the instructions for teachers applying still had the need to complete the Teacherinsight test. Of course this is possible because it takes the EPISD a long time to update its database. However, many references to TeacherInsight are still in many school campus improvement plans dated 2015-2016. There is also another company “Winocular” that joined forces with another company and helps with hiring.
      The point I was trying to make and Deputy seems unable to understand was that the central office had taken away from the principals what the legislators had wanted them to have, the power to hire new teachers. With Teacherinsight a new teacher could not even get an interview with a principal if they did not do well on the test.
      And Deputy you seem to miss most of my references to EPISD administrators, they are not evil but rather self serving. When all of them that got the “extra money” that violated district policy and regulations, or I die I will continue to look at them funny. Here is a site that still has TeacherInsight in its plans.


      • Deputy Dawg says:

        Chasing the wind about the bonuses…all those folks are long gone Dan, in jail, under indictment, or pleading guilty.
        You are fighting battles that ended long ago. Time to find a new windmill to joust with.

        May I suggest how teacher unions fight needed educational reform?

        Just saying…


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