Those pesky rules

The Times published “EPISD audit pinpoints hiring flaws” the other day.

The audit was one performed by EPISD staff and was published earlier this year.  The problems “can be fixed with additional staff training, as well as updating and formalizing hiring procedures, according to the audit report, released earlier this spring.”

Not really

We can probably all agree that fixing the procedures is something that EPISD should do.

The problems won’t be fixed however until management at the district starts to follow the rules and respects the fact that they are public servants and not above the rules.

Their recent shenanigans with upper level jobs occurred after the audit was published.  It seems they just chose to ignore it.

The board needs to step in here.

We deserve better



3 Responses to Those pesky rules

  1. Confused says:

    Shouldn’t something be said about EPISD spending taxpayer money on an OUT OF TOWN advertising agency to increase enrollment? Increased enrollment will mean kids from Canutillo and Ysleta in school at EPISD while the EPISD tax payers get charged for fixing up buildings and hiring more administrators because now, we have more students. Can someone explain that reasoning?


    • Anonymous says:

      Confused, join the crowd. And people should remember that the students that come to the EPISD and do not live in the district only bring State money with them and no local taxs. So this means that EPISD property tax payers are subsidizing these students and their home districts get to keep their property tax money and not have to educate their children. Such a deal!


      • Reality Checker says:

        It’s a good deal for certain developers who want to sell homes in other districts to parents who want their kids in EPISD schools like Franklin and Coronado.


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