Good reporting

Something good happened at the Times the other day.

Lindsey Anderson wrote a headline article about two former EPISD administrators.

Her article was thorough and balanced.

She told us that they each pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States.

We were informed that they are to be sentenced a month after the trial of six other ex-administrators begins and that they could receive lighter sentences if they give “substantial assistance” to law enforcement and prosecutors.

I wonder what would happen to one of the other six if they offered something for giving “substantial assistance” at trial to one of the two that has pled guilty.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Good reporting

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    It says something when you have to point out the good articles that are written in the EPT. Instead of them being the rule, they are the exception. Most “reporting” that the Times does is rewriting press releases or simply quoting someone on a soapbox without ever asking tough follow up questions.


    • abandon hope says:

      Someone involved in a federal investigation such as this one ought to write a book about the bargains and trading of information to prosecutors. It comes down to everyone being out for himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if defendants also give up their right to tell the story, but who wants to. Most just want their life back. The ironic part to me is the over-blown charge of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government. These administrators were caught up in a broken system (the public schools). They made bad decisions but their lives should not be destroyed.


      • tired of it all says:

        Our jails are overcrowded and no purpose would be served by imprisoning these EPISD administrators. Jails should be reserved for those who pose a threat and these people do not. They could be put to work somewhere to pay their fines and prevented forever from working in a school system but let them return to productive life, Our society’s quest for punishment and humiliation is not healthy.


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