Cutting out the side deals

City representative Robinson placed two items on the June 14, 2016 city council agenda that dealt with the continued use by some city representatives of electronic devices during city council meetings.

We thank him.

Council had previously passed rules that prohibited use of such devices during city council meetings.

Some representatives have continued to use them even after being reminded of the prohibition.

Mr.  Robinson asked if there should not be consequences for breaking the rules.

Other members of council spoke of things like paying attention and being polite.

The simple fact is that communicating about agenda items in a public meeting in such a manner that the communication cannot be heard by the public is against the law.

The end result is that council instructed staff to come back to it with suggestions as to how the rule can be enforced.

This is better.


5 Responses to Cutting out the side deals

  1. Nonsense says:

    Svartzbein and Ordaz reflect people of their age with their addiction to their phones. Talk to Svartzbein and you will have to share attention with his phone. Perhaps the phones should be left in their offices. Niland insists she needs her phone in case of emergency. Ridiculous. Mothers coped quite well before the advent of the cell phone.


  2. Oh. Come on Brutus! This is better? We need 2, count ’em, 2 items on the agenda, and they only meet every other week? There is no other important business to attend to?

    And how many staff hours will be needed to come up with a solution to make their bosses behave and follow the rules? Which brave soul will produce the solution? Como se dice, “WACK-A-MOLE”?

    We will probably see a proposal to hire the out of town legal firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe (they have no conflicts) to conduct a study of best practices around the country.

    Let’s cut to the chase…. whatever they they propose, I will do it for exactly half. And I will hire a retired high school coach to stand behind the dias, with a beautifully handcrafted paddle fashioned out of an old baseball bat (remember, show of hands?), ready to give swats to transgressors. It’s cool cause it honors our senior citizens/educators and provides jobs…

    Naaay, never mind. None of this is politically correct. Absolutely none of it!


    • Bruised But Better For It says:

      My principal, who also was also football coach, drilled holes in his wooden paddle to reduce drag and improve the speed of his swing. He used the explanation to teach a mini-lesson in physics.


      • Same type of paddle but it was our baseball coach….

        We all seemed to grow up knowing a thing called boundaries. Politeness instead of Political Correctness. I honestly don’t remember if my father ever really laid a hand on me, as much as I probably deserved it. I damned sure remember fearing that he might!

        I feel really bad for the mother in New Orleans who had her kids taken away cause she whooped her son for stealing from his neighbors. His daddy is already in jail and she didn’t want the same for her kids. What type of stupid lesson in morality are they trying to teach that impressionable young man? It’s okay to steal but not to teach your child some discipline?

        I sure hated getting those swats in high school from Coach Jackson – 1 for each “C” or below in subject matter, 2 each if it was for deportment! I would gladly give him a hug and buy him a beer for each one today!


  3. Maybe the use of a jamming device would help?


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