As our county hospital’s search for a new hospital administrator comes to an end it makes sense to point out that the online effort to extend our current administrator’s contract is now up to 68 signatures after several months of being available to his supporters.


Weren’t we supposed to have a new administrator by the first or second week of June?

We deserve better


5 Responses to Underwhelming

  1. charlie says:

    The County hospital is an excessive tax burden, an albatross that should be taken off the backs of El Paso home owners, taxpayers. It is run by very rich “Administrators” who get richer all the time off the backs of these same taxpayers Should be put on the sale block and sold to the highest bidder, PRIVATE business.


  2. Disgusted says:

    The delay is just to give Valenti time to suck more cash out of us. The board is complicit.


  3. Looks like the petition is closed, so you can’t sign it anymore. We wonder how many of those names are real people – Buffy Summers? Since when did the vampire slayer care whether or not Valenti was at UMC?


  4. Did anyone see this? https://www.change.org/p/viva-vampiro-el-paso-needs-vampiro Looks like someone was trying to keep Vampiro in El Paso. HA!


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    Did they say June of which year? As for me, given that it took a million dollar lawsuit to make UMC mangement and emergency room doctors realize that subjecting a woman to hours and hours of anal and vaginal searches on the say-so of the CBP was not “medical treatment” (not to mention billing her for the procedures when she refused to sign a consent form), I would do anything possible to avoid this hospital.


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