Impossible barrier to recruitment

The 2015 property tax comparison study is out from the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence.

For the 2013 year the group placed us as having the 7th highest residential property tax rate of the 50 largest American cities.

The 2014 report put us as the 5th highest.

Hard work will get you to the top

The 2015 report shows us steadily deteriorating with a ranking of having the 3rd highest property tax rates for homestead  homeowners among America’s largest cities.


In 2014 we wrote Hidden taxes and showed that the city was billing us another $116 million or so in “fees”, some of which used to be paid for with property taxes.  Our real tax rate is even higher than what the report shows.

Continuing with the awful news, the 2015 report indicates that El Paso has the second highest industrial property tax rate for small facilities and the third highest for large ones.

How can we expect businesses to move here with a situation like this?

We deserve better


6 Responses to Impossible barrier to recruitment

  1. Dan Batten says:

    But look what we got for our money… The Brio bus that bends in the middle, bicycle lanes that have never seen a bicycle, no city hall, torn up roads for a trolley to nowhere, lots of tongue wagging about ethics… Why it boggles the mind to juist think about it all!


  2. charlie says:

    In El Paso the Central Appraisal District is just another taxing entity. Whenever the politicos want more money from US, they simply have the CAD to raise property “values”, which of course is always followed by another tax INCREASE. “We didn’t raise your taxes, property values just went up and up and up…….” Another sanctuary city run by DEMOCRATS. Whatever the DEMOCRAT politicos want, wish for, make a “decision” about, is all on the backs of homeowners, taxpayers. Home owners provide the money for, are responsible for ALL the stupid decisions these people make.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      Told people about the EPCAD seven years ago and their open back door to raise tax by raising appraisal values all the while the local politicians claim they did not raise your taxes. Yep told people to wake up but no one listened, Hey now they got Wilson so your back pocket is wide open for their use and abuse. To late to cry about it most in El Paso did nothing to stop it. More proof when one remains tacitly silent to abuse and misuse of the tax payers and tax dollars then one has given their approval of such behavior by government.


  3. Jerry K says:

    Build another Woody World?


    • Disgusted says:

      By my estimate, the rent Mountainstar pays for its exclusive use of the ballpark only covers about 20% of the annual interest paid to service the debt incurred to build it. If the ballpark were a taxable property, the rent would not even cover the property taxes.

      But as I understand it, city-owned properties aren’t taxed. So since Mountainstar’s rent doesn’t include property taxes like the rent paid by most businesses occupying privately owned facilities, this is just one more tax break for a for-profit business.

      Any city-owned property that is being leased to a single user should be subject to property taxes which would be paid by the tenant.

      Tell me if I got any of this wrong.


  4. Haiduc says:

    Politicians say ” I won’the tax you, I won’t tax me. We will tax the fellowship behind the tree! Oh snap…El Paso does not have many trees.”


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