Council exerts some control

It appears that city council may have done the right thing in their May 31, 2016 meeting in regard to a proposed change to the outdoor lighting ordinance.

In Goose, not gander we wrote about the introduction of an amendment to an ordinance that would allow the city to ignore the rules that we have to follow when using outdoor lighting.

At the second reading of the ordinance on May 31 it was amended to exempt splash pads and the “airport corridor”.  That corridor starts with the egg beater things at Airport Road and I-10.

An assistant city attorney read the proposed ordinance changes to council and for the record.  She did not specifically say that the portion of the amendment that would allow the city to ignore the rules whenever they want was going to be removed.  Instead she stated that two new sections (one for the splash pads and the other for the corridor) would be added to the ordinance.

Watching the video many of us would assume that the new ordinance would only allow the two exceptions.

Then again you just cannot tell when dealing with these people.

For the time being (until we can read the final draft) it looks like the right thing has happened.

As a side note, it is hard to understand how when the law requires an ordinance to be read twice they can make changes at the second reading that make the ordinance different from what it was in it’s first reading.



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