The Times continues to sink to new lows.

The Wednesday, June 29, 2016 issue headline was “Socorro man arrested in cocaine case”.

Ho hum.  If every cocaine arrest deserved a headline they would have to start issuing special editions.

More important

At the bottom of the front page they reported that our city manager has proposed a 2017 budget that would increase our taxes by 7 per cent.

Our mayor says he will veto it.

Thank you mayor.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Dopes

  1. Chico says:

    Get ready to pay for EPISD’s $600 million bond as well.


  2. charlie says:

    The City Manager wants ANOTHER tax INCREASE and City Council minions want $250,000 for Christmas lights for San Jacinto. Do any of THEM have any idea where all this THOUSANDS, MILLIONS of $$$ comes from? To THEM it’s only money and not theirs. Don’t we have chug holes, streets that need repair, re-striped, where this QUARTER of a MILLION$$$ could be put to better use for the TAXPAYERS of El Taxo?? Yes, Mr Mayor, for a change everything that these Council minions try to blow off money on should be VETOED. How many THOUSANDS of lights are already at San Jacinto??


  3. mamboman3 says:

    And City Reps say they will overturn the Mayor’s veto! I say, recall every one that tries!!!


  4. ManintheMoon says:

    Come on guys El Paso just wants to be number one or is that number two. ;O)


  5. Reality Checker says:

    Get rid of the chief performance officer position.

    Yesterday’s Times photo of the mayor and city manager holding hands and having a kumbaya moment was sort of sweet.


  6. Anonymous says:

    About time the mayor found his cajones.


  7. Jerry K says:

    What do we get for a 7% increase? A 3-day week for city employees instead of a 4-day week as currently? This is the problem with government – they start with last year’s budget and add more rather than seeking restraint. In the private sector you start with a profit target and then work revenue and costs into that. While this is not possible in government, restraint as a goal is.

    Veto it, Mayor.j


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