EPISD bonds–something for everyone, and a bill for some

A statement that is made multiple times in the facilities advisory committee information that was sent to us is:

“No one in this room will get everything they want, but everyone in this room will get something they want.”


Evidently the strategy of the facilitators is to see to it that everyone will get something and thus everyone will vote to approve the issuance of the bonds.

How about

“This is the money that we need to spend to improve the quality of our children’s education”?

Pandering to the voters is shameful and they should be ashamed.

Why can’t they just ask us for the money that is really necessary, not money to buy votes.

We deserve better



6 Responses to EPISD bonds–something for everyone, and a bill for some

  1. elrichiboy says:

    This is the same strategy they used to sell the QoL bonds, making sure that there was something in it for everybody. That’s why they bundled all the projects, and committed us to a half a billion in debt.


  2. Grumpy Taxpayer says:

    There is no relationship between how much money you spend on “education” and the success of the students. EPISD is not proposing to spend money on education but rather on new buildings, facilities. Most kids learn just fine without a fine arts auditorium.


    • anonymous says:

      “……..without a fine arts auditorium,” you say?

      How about not spending millions more on athletic facilities?

      The belief that Coronado and Franklin shouldn’t have to share a football stadium says it all about spending priorities.

      I grew up in a city where one stadium was shared by three high schools, two junior highs, and one college for a lot of years. We also won our fair share of Top 10 rankings and state championships.


  3. Anonymous says:

    They can’t , won’t just ask for money that is “necessary”. It’s always “for the children”, money to appease some rich person, some Business, some politician, some Public Official, to fill somebody, anybody’s pockets, more money for something, anything at the POLITICIANS San Jacinto Park. More money for Medical Center, EPISD to enhance, encourage the CORRUPTION there. And all they really have to do is pick up the phone and tell Central Appraisal that they need MORE Property Value increases, which of course will be more tax INCREASES on home owners. Political, Official corruption is inherent in El Taxo.


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    Unfortunately in El Paso, people will not vote unless there is something in it for them. We still have the “westside vs Eastside” mentality and if it looks like one side of town is getting more than another, then people will not vote. They do not vote for the good of all, they vote for the good of their particular neighborhood. And that is true in any election, be it school district, or city, or county.


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