He gets it

DavidK over at refusethejuice recently wrote Shapleigh Camper’s second shot at city fails miserably.

Please take the time to read it carefully.  The article was about the recent flap over a comment that our chief of police made.

To us the important part was at the end of the article where he gave some much needed advice to some of our local politicians:

 You represent people, not lead them.  You’re not a leader, you’re a representative.  When you stop representing, you get fired via the ballot box.  Stop telling people what to do and start doing what you are told.  It’s called “public service” for a reason.   It’s really that simple.

He also observed:

 El Pasoans are Democrats, not liberals.  Those are two totally different things.  El Paso’s Democrats aren’t Democrats because of the social issues.  I’ll just leave it that.

David does not live in El Paso anymore.  If he did we would be tempted to try to get him to run for public office.


12 Responses to He gets it

  1. ManintheMoon says:

    What we saw was the progressive Democratic leadership get slapped down by the majority in El Paso across social media over Chief Allen. Then Jaime the progressive blogger and most local media tried to defend them or spin it like it was mostly white conservatives that were standing up for Chief Allen which was no where near the truth. Now Jaime is crying and whining about censorship by El Paso PD on their social media accounts while he censors comments on his own blog like David K does. See it’s about trying to controlling the narrative which the progressive Democrats failed badly in their attacks on Chief Allen. Keep telling people on some issues El Paso is on the conservative side.


  2. abandon hope says:

    It is so true that most El Pasoans are socially conservative but still think they are Democrats. The progressive movement has changed the party but many people didn’t get the memo.


  3. All I know is that the Chief of Police was hired to be a leader, and imho, he had no business addressing a legal issue in Dallas. Whatever he thinks of BLM has nothing to do with policing El Paso.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      John G Dungan Sr
      So if the KKK was carrying out violent acts like BLM on a weekly and sometime daily bases would you also think Chief Allen wouldn’t have a right to say anything about the danger of such a group? Once again progress non-sense that the majority in ELPaso do not go along with as does the majority in America.
      Guess we would also have to call out the Chief for giving his views on Mexican Cartels and terrorist by your thinking.


    • Voter says:

      If we follow your thinking, Escobar had no business calling a press conference because El Paso is not Dallas. Chief Allen was ASKED for his opinion. He did not stand up and blather on and on like El Paso’s other “leaders,”


    • abandon hope says:

      What happens to police in other cities has everything to do with Allen’s job. He was asked a direct question by the media. Would you rather he have said “no comment.”


  4. Y Que! says:

    Government entities should govern and not rule. That is the reason for forming our republic. Obviously, the local yokels don’t seem to understand that basic principle.


  5. Jerry K says:

    DK did run for office unsuccessfully. El Paso, when it even votes, votes for the welfare party.


    • Anonymous says:

      Un, he lost to a Republican, in a Republican primary. While I would agree that the republican Party is the welfare party (except its beneficiaries are huge corporate interests and the 1%), in not sure that wasn’t your intended target.


  6. Anonymous says:

    The last time David K tried to run for office he was rejected miserably by Republican voters (he ran in the Republican primary for county commissioner of the mostly Republican Westside district). David K is known for incendiary, highly offensive and divisive comments against groups and even individuals who do not suit his and his family’s personal agenda and interests. His comments have too often surpassed the line of political viewpoints and become highly personal attacks and often very bigoted against his targets. It is likely why even the few Republicans that voted, overwhelmingly rejected him.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you think this issue has earn beat to the ground and it is now a rotten stinking pile of waste? The camps, political and in the general public, have staked their turf and nobligger or Facebook poster is going to change that. At this point even Chief Greg Allen has acknowledged he made generalizations and apologized for it (granted not to the general public because it seems he chooses to pass up the opportunity to put the issue to rest perhaps in favor of shaming his detractors). Time to move on! There are bigger fish to fry starting with an incompetent, ineffective city leadership.


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