Sad times

This came in from one of our astute readers:

It’s amazing. The Times keeps posting propaganda on its website. I have not seen a single video supporting Allen.
This is “breaking news,” one woman verbally disagreed with the Chief.
Escobar gets 10 minute video to explain herself. They even produce the video to help her address specific complaints against her position.
Only coverage that could be considered to be pro=Allen. Despite tons of social media support the chief got.
Hard to take this paper seriously.

14 Responses to Sad times

  1. mamboman3 says:

    Poor fellow, everybody giving him all this grief. I wonder what the guy with the broken jaw and busted ear drum must be thinking.


    • abandon hope says:

      That guy, who is about 40 now, is probably thinking how he hates living in his parents’ basement but it’s better than getting a job.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Chief Allen is well informed about such matters. He has constitional rights to express his opinion and generously shares his learned opinion about such fractious groups as Black Lives Matter. Thank you Chief Allen for your efforts and those of those you direct in keeping us especially secure in El Paso.


  3. I Support Truth and Justice says:

    What is sad is your continued effort to use your blog to perpetuate the divisiveness and false narratives. Further, you and your readers willfully ignore the numerous letters supporting the chief that like you, choose to ignore the primary problem with his inflammatory remarks and the concerns that are driving millions of people across this nation to exercise their first amendment right to protest injustices. You also conveniently choose to ignore the Judge’s words of reason and unity in an effort to lob political bombs. Yes, we who think Black Lives Matter Too in this community may be in the minority and in the crosshairs of police, but our rights are no less than yours thanks to our Constitution. Further, if you’re so concerned about the Times bias, why not address the persistent censoring by the El Paso Police Department, a body funded by our taxes, of any comments that are deemed critical of the Chief. It’s hypocritical since you claim to be all about government transparency, but I guess not when it suits your bigoted narrative.


    • Jerry K says:

      BLM represents a kind of weaponized victimology used to shout down dissent that doesn’t conform to its racist narrative. It is how Generation Snowflake denies black-on-black violence that is responsible for most black violent deaths.

      The chief seems to get this. You dont.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      I Support Truth and Justice
      First off your the one trying to perpetuate a false narrative. BLM is not a ground swell movement and has very minor support in the general population and out side of pandering media and politicians. Even in the largest city in America BLM has been only able to turn out two or three thousand protesters at best and most just a few hundred. BLM is the one driving divisiveness with it’s members and their supports calling for the out right killing of whites and white police officers. If you claim this is not try then you are the not being honest and telling the truth.
      No one who makes the choice to support BLM is in the Police cross hairs and this statements is based in emotional hemophilia and has no bases in fact.
      In facts Blacks wrongfully killed by Police are not a lot higher than the numbers for people struck by lightning a year. Now if you are trying to claim the false narrative that all Blacks killed by Police did nothing to provoke a deadly response then clearly you have some type of delusional thinking on your part. Once again this is a bad attempt to create a professional victim class based mostly on anecdotal evidence being driven by media and progressive Democratic politicians like some of the 13 idiots that signed the letter against Chief Allen.
      Yes BLM has their right to protest and free speech but their call for violence and hate citizens of good conscience must stand up and called BLM out on it and their supporters.
      I Support Truth and Justice the truth is a majority of Americans have grown tune deaf to the false cries of BLM and their practices of exclusion, and hate.The progressive Democrats in El Paso, metaphorically speaking, got slapped down for the non-sense by the majority in El Paso.
      As to the so called censoring by El Paso PD on “their” social media please back up with proof any one who pays for face book,Tweeter or for most socials media. Having these accounts cost the people of El Paso zero to have since they are free. Also the EL Paso PD has a right to control content on their social media accounts.
      Then again if you believe the El Paso PD doesn’t have the right to control content on it’s social media and are wrong go to the CC and see how much support you get. Good luck on that one. If some one believe their rights to free speech has been violated then file a law suit and waste your money because you well lose on that one too.


    • chico says:

      Truth and Justice, you seem to have missed (or ignored) the point of the original post. The Times coverage is not balanced. Right or wrong or otherwise, there are multiple perspectives on the Chief’s comments.

      The Times is very committed to giving Judge Escobar video time (a produced video btw), but has given minimal coverage to other points of view. Outside of the editorial page, I expect a serious newspaper to cover different perspectives. Our local paper doesn’t. It often covers the news in a manner aligned with the Judge.


    • Voter says:

      Truth and Justice: you, like so many others, pull the race card by calling someone with whom you disagree a bigot. Please look in the mirror to see the real bigot.


    • abandon hope says:

      Truth & Justice — the police department is not a news organization like the Times. The journalistic tradition of fairness and reporting all sides of an issue met a swift death inside the doors of the Times a long time ago.


    • Truth and Justice my arse says:

      and the Times allowed Susie Byrd’s daughter’s letter to be published so they could have one more letter that looked like it supported their(Beto, Susie, Veronica, and the rest) position. The Times even combined the last name to try and hide who it was that wrote it. The Times is a POS newspaper, period.


      • Let's Be Fair says:

        If you write a letter, the Times will publish it, but you have to be willing to spend the time to write it. Susie Byrd’s daughter has just as much right to heard as any of the rest of us. The Times might make it’s share of mistakes, but there’s zero chance that they tried to “hide who it was that wrote it.”


        • Trurh and Justice my arse says:

          has nothing to do with her right to write it, but the last name ? come on. Combined fathers and mothers name last name with no hyphen ? Give me a break. Might as well had Susie or Veronica write that letter.


  4. Y Que! says:

    I wouldn’t line my birdcage with that rag.


  5. abandon hope says:

    Have not subscribed to Times in years. Anyone still giving that propaganda machine their money should seriously consider stopping. Learn Spanish and read El Diario.


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