EPISD bonds–leaked out

We got taken to task recently for language that we used in Rubber stamp?, an article about the facilities advisory committee at EPISD and their work on the upcoming bond issue.

One of the criticisms was over the use of the term “leak out”.

We wrote:

“Worse yet committee members were supposedly told that they should not let word of the $600 million leak out to the public.”

The slide below was one of the last slides in a presentation that was made to the facilities advisory committee at their  June 29, 2016 meeting:



Many of us would consider the phrase “Keep your work proprietary to the committee” to mean don’t share with people outside of the committee.

We make our share of mistakes writing this blog but rest assured that we exert extra effort to confirm the facts as we know them.

We deserve better


5 Responses to EPISD bonds–leaked out

  1. anonymous says:

    It’s humorous that people are told not to draw conclusions until a certain date. How exactly do they plan to control people’s minds?

    And “do your work with pencil and paper”? I guess that way none of the notes or work product are permanent.

    Next we’ll hear that all the notes were picked up afterwards and that no one was able to take their notes out of the room.

    Gosh, sounds a lot like being in a classroom.


  2. Judy Maddox says:

    Gee makes you wonder why people don’t trust our local elected public servants. They are suppose to represent us not their own agenda.

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  3. unknown says:

    Let’s get this straight; this is called advising the”Advisory Committee”.


  4. juana says:

    Very disappointed in EPISD. I had hoped for better from the new board. I assume the plans will be elaborate and expensive but, hey, it’s not “real” money. It’s just one of those raise-the-taxes issues along with “do it for the children.”


  5. dsf says:

    Well we know Dori reads this blog. Does she have an answer?


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