County payback?

What a gig!

An out of town firm was hired by our county commissioners to perform a wage and compensation study of all county jobs.

The got hired by our commissioners and now report that our commissioners are not paid enough.  This reminds us of the situation over at EPISD where a former member of the state appointed board of managers ends up as employee of the district on the first day that state law would allow her to be hired.

We took a look at the backup material presented to our commissioners when the contract award came up on the agenda.  This document shows the result of the evaluation:


The vendor with the highest rating was Management Advisory Group.  They had a score of 450.  The second place firm was Public Sector Personnel with a rating of 439.

2nd Place Wins

Those ratings evidently did not give the county what they wanted.  How could they get around that?

Simple.  They evidently decided to evaluate the two as “finalists”.  The evaluation committee changed because the county dropped the two evaluators that had given the second place firm the lowest votes.  As a result the ratings changed and the second ranked firm became the top ranked one.  Here is the ratings sheet:


The county has reached a new low.

We deserve better


12 Responses to County payback?

  1. So typical. And, just because the elected county officials in, say, Bexar County were to jump off their Tower of the Americas, our CCC should do the same? I don’t think so. What a lame piece of work, and how poorly served are we?


  2. One More Question says:

    As I commented yesterday in response to your previous post on this subject, why was it even necessary for the county to pay a consulting firm to conduct a study when the Texas Association of Counties does a compensation study annually?

    Here is the 2014 study:

    It looks like Escobar & Friends spent our tax dollars to hire a firm that would manipulate the findings to their satisfaction?

    This is a blatant abuse of trust. It’s time to study the links between the the county judge, the commissioners, and this consulting firm. I’m willing to bet that this firm will be getting more work from the county in the future.


    • Anonymous says:

      It wouldn’t be the first time they manipulate studies to impose their agenda. Remember the children’s hospital. They threw money at different consulting groups until they found one the give them the narrative they wanted. Crooked, dishonest and corrupt. Not every action that’s corrupt falls neatly into a legal box, but it is still corruption. These pigs lack any sort of ethical and moral compass. Rural communities will be drowning in mid during this rainy season, but our county court will be toasting with fine food and wine while the sheep fund their excesses.


  3. Rodney Fender says:

    Now public service in commissioners court has become self service to our tax dollars. Giving themselves a raise that is close to the medium salary in El Paso is just plain corruption at its finest. Why would we want inexperienced young people to be enticed to run for office just for the salary. What happened to working your way up the ladder. Remember all of this next election time.


  4. ManintheMoon says:

    All the CCC members are making well above medium income for El Paso County now. In fact what County Commissioners got in a raise is nearly equal to the medium incomes for some of the poorest communities and areas in El Paso county. Out side of U.S. Census data there are indication that over all medium income for El Paso County may more realistically be around 37K.
    Brutus wish you would put up the telephone,e-mails and snail mail for all CCC members.
    What we want the CCC to show is what they have done to justify such an out right obscene pay raise.
    Let’s see!
    Nearly have doubled our total obligation of debt at the county. Poor out come across the board for high cost.
    Yep that jail expansion to house federal prisoners just isn’t as profitable and working out as they once claim. Oh the cost to housing our mentally ill in our jail wasn’t a cheap as they first claimed too. Then let’s not even question the moral and ethical side of the mentally ill being housed in a jail by the foresight of these CCC members. Will not even go into the park/sport complex fiasco! Do any of you remember the loan program for low income homes that was a total loss. The several messes of theft by employees and vendors because there was no oversight. Let’s no even talk about the gold plated perks being handed out to head officials and employees at the county. They are really going to love that new gym space and vehicle covers on the back of the tax payers.
    And one of our favorite spending around 9 million, we think it was, on software for a antiquated main frame computer from the 1980’s that should have been phased out and replaced at least a decade ago. Go follow the money trail on that one. Oh we could go on but think you get the point.
    So if some one can enlighten us please do tell what the CCC has done to justify such salaries and raises we would sure like to hear it because if they were in the private sector preforming like this they would be handed their hat, sent packing and would be in the unemployment line with the peasant class of El Paso County. Yep some of us are watching and reading the books!


  5. Birdie says:

    Pigs at the trough! Hey Vibce has a wedding and honeymoon to pay for. And we’re gonna be the ones writing the check… And not even get invited!


  6. Haiduc says:

    I wish I could vote myself a pay hike too!


  7. ManintheMoon says:

    Brutus is going to put up the information to contact your CCC members. This week end let’s crash their voice mail at the county that their system can’t handle the citizens complaining. Saturate their e-mails and fax so come Monday morning when they have their next meeting they fully are aware of what the people think of their raise. See they think you guys are just going to roll over and take it. Are they right? Hope not! Tell your friends and family and others to do the same. You have a chance to stand up, and go beyond just whining and complaining on the internet. Time to Act people!


  8. Reality Checker says:

    Vince Perez voted himself a 45% raise, but then voted against a 2.5% raise for others in county government. The commissioners want their own pay to be at market rate, but they think others should be content with being at 70% of market. This kind of self-dealing greed, selfishness, and arrogance says everything about what is wrong with local government.


  9. Xavier Miranda says:

    Here’s a small step we can take, either directly or by writing/calling.


  10. chico says:

    I found it entertaining that the judge opted not “to vote” for her own increase. She clearly knew the votes were there. Stout and Perez are essentially her minions.


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