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  1. Anonymous says:

    So the sheriff saves money by working his troops like slaves,trying to put civilians to do uniform officers jobs etc etc because there’s no money yet these people are getting these huge raises. Time to vote these people out to include the sheriff because I think his hands are dirty too.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Not sure why they think they deserve a pay raise. They are just career politicians, who REPRESENT only themselves. With the exception of Haggerty, of course. Ones like Escobar have never had a real job. Not sure what it is that they do for the pay check that WE give THEM. Seems their sole purpose, “job” is to INCREASE taxes. With a member(s) on the CAD, it’s just another taxing entity. Commissioners, City Council want to increase taxes, Perez just runs around to his other desk, along with Wilson(Didn’t she get FIRED?) and raises Property Values, which of course are always followed by tax INCREASES.. Don’t Carlos Leon get a retired Police Chief pay check? And of course EPISD tax INCREASES will go ahead as scheduled. And now they are going to float a BILLION$$$$ Bond for all the other stuff they want. This is ONE tax INCREASE that WE do get to vote on. The vote should be “NO”, homeowners can’t afford the EPISD.


  3. Voter says:

    Done. My Commissioner is on notice.


  4. ManintheMoon says:

    Thank Brutus
    For what it’s worth we gave it a shot. These people live in a land of self delusion. El Paso is not even close to being a Houston, Dallas, etc not matter how they fantasize. With Vero and others they believe in the myth that being a servant of the people is suppose to be a self enriching proposition.
    To Vero directly you are trying to act as if you work in the private sector which you do not. If you did you and others at the county would have been fired long ago.
    Once again the CCC has became a land of delusion with fanciful and extravagant notions of their self worth which have zero foundation in reality.
    Yes we admit we are bat poop crazy but Vero and our County Commissioners have now stepped off into the twilight zone of being out right lunatics in trying to justify their behavior in giving them selves such a obscene raise.


  5. Jerry K says:

    Government jobs used to pay lower than private sector. Today, government is the place to work with job security, good pay, retirement plans (no more in the private sector that has switched to 401K) and the best health insurance. Look around your retired friends and ask yourself who is doing the best and it will be public sector. You have to look at the whole package to judge salary comparison, then knock it down a notch to account for the employment stability of government over private sector where your job is in competition with Asia.

    Not that anyone here gives a shit.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      Jerry K
      Should we not also look at the CCC performance and outcomes to the use and abuse of our tax dollars? Or should we just not give a shit, as you posted,to this side of the issue? Just asking!


      • Jerry K says:

        That’s what elections are for and turnout here gives you an idea how much people care.


        • ManintheMoon says:

          Jerry K
          Your thinking is they should only be held accountable at election time for poor performance and out comes. If they are screw ups we should not do anything and just let them be screw ups for 4 years. Total non-sense! Jerry K at all times they should be held accountable for their action, performance and outcomes not just at election time.
          Do not disagree that most in El Paso can’t be bothered to their own governance and failed to do their duty and obligation as the citizens,the Master. Yes many want someone else to do it for them, our elected officials know this and use it against us to work for their own interest and ends..


    • Jerry K, you are both right and wrong. What you fail to realize is that many of us who are retired (me, with a partial State pension) went into what you call government work knowing full well that our salary potential was lower than equivalent work in the private sector. Personally, I went into it way back in the 70’s because the benefits were not only better, but I wanted to work Monday through Friday (I was a Nurse). What you also fail to realize is that I paid into my pension plan the entire time that I worked not only for government, but later in my career, in the private sector. I also paid into social security and medicare. Your statements suggest that I did not earn what little I have today, and frankly, I resent that. As for job security, I think you are sadly misinformed. Texas, ever since W, is a “right to work” state, and that means no job is secure. Ever. Meanwhile, instead of whining about public vs. private, maybe you should consider that this is not about who works where, but about what those we have elected do with OUR tax dollars.


      • Jerry K says:

        Public sector employment in El Paso crowds out the private sector that can’t match its pay, benefits and four day work weeks. BTW, 10 of my 40+ career years were in local government 6 of which were here.


        • ManintheMoon says:

          Jerry K
          Here is my question which I have not found an answer for. How many people make more the 65K a year in EL Paso County to percentage of the population? Any one know? Best so far can figure is it has to be 5% or less but would like to see some hard numbers. Any one?


  6. anonymous says:

    She didn’t “promise” you anything. She is playing a game of semantics — tax “rate” vs. actual dollars. They adjust the rate down to look like good guys, but they plan for valuations to go up, so they probably get the same dollars or more. How will they pay for the additional salaries without more income? By cutting services. We pay more, but get less. They do less, and get more.


  7. I saw late last night that Vince Perez was tongue-tied when trying to justify this extravagant pay raise, and Veronica Escobar had her usual self-serving 30 second burst of soft sell. Yesterday I sent emails to her and to my precinct’s rep, and got this response from her:
    “Thank you for contacting me. I want to provide you with some context for the raises.

    Several years ago we engaged in a salary reclassification process to bring up county employees to market as closely as we could. It was a long-term process with significant investment on our part. We said the last groups to be evaluated would be the lawyers and the elected officials.

    We have gone through a significant number of employees and departments during the reclassification process, and the lawyers salaries will be adjusted this budget cycle. The consultant looked at the elected officials’ salaries as we had all agreed to do in the later years of the reclassification.

    He found that all county elected officials salaries have been adjusted over the years to make them within range of market except for two groups: constables and commissioners court.

    We adjusted both of those to 70% of market instead of 100% (in order to account for El Paso’s lower cost of living and lower median income). So this is NOT 100% of what similar positions in other communities are earning.

    The end result is that your commissioners are now making what their Fleet Manager, IT Help Desk employee, and other managers are making at the County. Your county judge is making what some of your lower-end, entry-level department heads are making. The salaries for the elected officials are now more aligned with duties and responsibilities they have. I voted against giving myself a raise because I just couldn’t bring myself to vote yes. And FYI, the county judge salary is still below what the salary was 6 years ago (not by much – by about $4k).

    You may not agree, but my perspective is that people should be paid commensurate to their duties and responsibilities.

    I’m sure this information doesn’t make the decision more palatable to you, and I understand.

    Finally, you should know that we will be adopting either the effective tax rate or be going below the current tax rate (for a tax decrease) this year again. If we do the latter, many El Pasoans will again this year see a reduction on their tax bill from the County.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call or respond to this email.

    Thank you
    Veronica Escobar”

    So, now I really, really wanna know: How can you promise me a tax decrease while raising salaries so much? BTW, do these people work full time? And, do they not qualify for other benefits, along with travel expenses and phones and cars and things?


    • ManintheMoon says:

      John G Dungan Sr
      We have challenged Vero on this one to here face. I asked her in Commissioner’s Court if you get the EPCAD to raise my property values do we not still end up with a tax increase. Vero refuse answer the question She seemed to be clearly embarrassed. Now with Vince and Wilson on the EPCAD board the back door of the EPCAD is once again open for business.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Tell them what you think and they will laugh all the way to the bank because they know you won’t even remember it come election time. 😦


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