EPISD bonds–which is it?

A few days ago EPISD’s chief financial officer told the community that the district plans to issue the bonds in three separate offerings.  Most of us would understand that to mean that the district will need time to handle the locally unprecedented amount that they are planning to ask for.  The simple fact is that they have never handled anything this big.  In fact they are still wrestling with a much smaller bond issue almost ten years after we authorized it.

Now the chief financial officer is telling us that they plan to complete all of the projects within five years.


We deserve better



10 Responses to EPISD bonds–which is it?

  1. Haiduc says:

    Taxes UP and Education Down!


  2. Judy Maddox says:

    Anyone who is dumb enough to fall for the BS from the district and votes for these bonds deserves what they get. The money won’t increase the learning level of one single student or make their learning experience any better so for the good of the children keep the money in their homes and vote MO.

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  3. Jerry K says:

    Didn’t that CFO also say that the stadium would cost $48MM?


  4. Anonymous says:

    People awaiting sentencing, people awaiting trial? CORRUPTION is inherent at EPISD, the School Board and WE are expected to give THEM a BILLION$$$$ “Slush Fund”? Like throwing raw meat to a pack of wolves. WHO gets the most? My vote is NO. El Paso homeowners, business owners are taxed too much already, considering what little we get from the City, County. And then Escobar, Commissioners think THEY are ENTITLED to a pay raise?.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Example of how the EPISD School Board President is trying to be condescending to the public.
      Board of Managers contract for 1.3 million dollar study on need for bond.
      New Trustees and Superintendent handpicked the 80 members for the committee to study bond elements presented in this million dollar plus study. Committee is composed of educators, business people, parents, teachers, and school administrators.
      The EPISD board president while being interviewed by KVIA TV after the BOT had approved a $669,000,000 bond to be voted on by the public in November said “You have to look at your community, this wasn’t a bond proposal that WE put together. It is a bond proposal that the community is asking for and I think that will make a difference.”
      Is the “community” referred to the 80 exclusive people selected for the committee?
      I, being a part of this community did not ask for this bond issue. but I am sure the business people that will make money from it do approve of it.


      • Reality Checker says:


        For once, I agree with you. Cabrera’s line “It is a bond proposal that the community is asking for” jumped off the page and had me shaking my head and muttering profanities when I saw it in the Times. He and the board really do think that we’re all fools. His statement is just another example of manipulation, deceitfulness, arrogance, and greed on the part of a guy making more than 7 times the average El Paso household income, not counting all of his benefits.


        • Dan Wever says:

          For once you agree with me? I would think you would like to be correct more often than that! 🙂


          • Deputy Dawg says:

            Dan conveniently leaves off the fact that the teacher unions were also represented on this committee: Ross Moore and Norma Del La Rosa were members and if I recall, endorsed it as well. Here are the list of members: https://www.episd.org/community/fac_roster.php


          • MASTERS OF SPIN AND DECEIT says:

            So Dawg wants us to look at the list of community members. Well alright alright alright! First of all, about 11 of the “community members”‘ are actually current EPISD employees of which two just got promoted to very high positions. Looking at FB pages, multiple are political placements who have EPISD Board Members on Friends lists. 7 are retired EPISD administrators and teachers or members of Boards of Trustees of other institutions. So what I would like to see is a list of the “community” committee members with the names of the board members or EPISD administrators that nominated them. Where is that listed?

            Also, Mr. Moore is quoted in the media this morning as saying that he is NOT ready to back the bond because he wants to know what the district will be doing with the closed campuses. I have not seen official statements or endorsements from the other teacher unions in the room.

            Dan Wever is right about the condescending way El Paso is being treated!! They think we are collectively IDIOTS!


            Here is how it really went down:

            1. Current Board of Trustees were way invested in the Bond and Facilities Process. Current Board President was handpicked by former Board of Managers President to both lead the Facilities Committee and to later run for the Board. Do a Google Search for campaign contributors to board members and you will find names like Foster and Hunt and Margo. Ballotpedia, people!

            2. Current Board COMMISSIONS a Facilities Advisory Committee with the purpose of deciding HOW MUCH of a bond will be put forth. This Committee was never given the option of NO BOND! Just HOW MUCH of a bond. Board Members and Cabrera name the members of the committee from a list of “friendlies.”

            3. Committee is then manipulated by a SLICK outside consultant whose job it is to get large bond issues passed!!

            4. Facility Advisory Committee, led by CONSULTANT CARPETBAGGER, then arrives at an obscene amount of bond which is presented to the Board Members who picked them.

            5. Now the Board says that they are following the wishes of the “community”‘ members, who THEY PICKED. See, its not the Board that wants the bond… ITS THE COMMUNITY NOW!

            Simply amazing! Follow the $$$!


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