A bad lesson

We were given another unfortunate example of how probably well intentioned government officials can overstep their authority.

This note was emailed to Coronado high school parents earlier this month:

Hello Parents:

This year all students are required to create an account with ApplyTexas.org. Students who need schedule changes or have been unable to print out their schedule online and are coming to registration to get their schedule, will not be able to do so without proof of registration on Apply Texas. In addition, Freshman and Sophomores must apply to El Paso Community College.   Juniors and seniors must apply to both EPCC and UTEP. This is done through the ApplyTexas.org website.


It would be nice if our schools spent more time teaching students about liberty.

In this case not only are the students being forced to do something that they may not want to do, but the community college and UTEP are also being bombarded with applications that have to be processed even though the students have no intention of attending those schools.

We deserve better





7 Responses to A bad lesson

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    I agree with those who say having all students apply is wrong. Students planning on taking dual credit courses should apply (and actually there should be some kind of streamlined process, since the high school should be determining which students are eligible). The typical college application requires far more info than would be needed in this case. Another question that comes to mind is whether or not this mass enrollment messes with these institutions performance metrics. UTEP accepts something like 90% of applicants already making it the ultimate safety school choice but has dismal graduation rates (around 30% if I remember correctly). If these students are included in those numbers it doesn’t improve the metrics.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    The idea of requiring students to apply at EPCC and UTEP is just EPISD acting as a marketing rep for those institutions. It is a way to help EPCC and UTEP build their mailing lists and telemarketing lists. Nothing more. The requirement is a manipulative way of circumventing privacy laws.


  3. Judy Maddox says:

    If the parents do not file a claim with TEA AND INSPECTORS they are nuts. Coronado may end up with a Master. Students are being denied access to an education. But hey let’s pass a$669 million bond. Come on! A. Not all students need a college route. B. What if a student has absolutely NO desire to darken the doors of Community College or UTEP? Why are you causing problems for staff at these entries? Gimme a break!!!!

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  4. FED UP says:

    Today’s El Paso Times front page is also a bad lesson or wake-up call. All three stories on the front page were about spending and taxes.

    City council wants a $903 million budget. Stop and think, folks. That’s nearly a billion dollars.

    EPISD wants 67% of a billion dollars in the largest bond ever.

    UMC also wants the max tax rate it can force on us without a vote, and it will still operate at a loss and have to reduce its reserves, which will have a negative effect on its credit rating.

    That’s just the first two days of the week.

    We’re living in a big financial sinkhole.


  5. But, requiring ALL students to do this thing? That’s too much, and I agree with Brutus.


  6. Deputy Dawg says:

    Many of those students will be taking dual credit courses which receive college credit with EPCC and UTEP. This is a tremendous time saver for students and parents. Also EPCC is not “bombarded.” They partner with EPISD for dual credit and know exactly what to expect each year.


    • Sunshine says:

      Don’t let vitriol get in the way of facts. Students will save money if they choose to go to EPCC or any other Trxas public college or university because these will be credits for classes they won’t need to take.


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