County Commissioners salary per capita

Our county commissioners are trying to use arithmetic to justify the massive pay raises they just gave themselves.

One of our astute readers gave us a chart showing the Texas counties with large populations and how much their commissioners are paid.

If you take their salary and divide it by the number of people in the county you end up with how much they are paid for each person that they are to represent.

The results:

Bexar (San Antonio)  6 cents

Dallas  5 cents

Harris (Houston) 4 cents

Tarrant (Fort Worth) 8 cents

El Paso 11 cents

We deserve better


13 Responses to County Commissioners salary per capita

  1. chico says:

    Wow. The Times Editorial board sure does like Judge Escobar. Can’t believe recent editorial supporting raises. Really doesn’t matter what she does. Moore et al will support it. Glad I don’t pay for this rag.


    • anonymous says:

      The Times supported the county raises with out even sharing any of the survey data that supposedly justified those raises. The county didn’t share the data when Escobar & Friends announced they were giving themselves raises. If the Times was given the survey data and didn’t publish it, that’s bad reporting. If it supported the raises without asking for and receiving the data, then shame on them. It’s bad no matter how you slice it. Next up, the Times will support raises for everyone at city hall.


  2. Chico says:

    Dawg, If you’re correct, the data used to justify these raises is equally questionable.

    Cost per resident is a pretty fair metric. The services of the county should benefit the residents of the county. Larger populations are likely more complicated, particularly when it comes to big picture policy questions — the job of these individuals.

    Cost per square mile is more appropriate for roads and infrastructure. The commissioners don’t really manage these types of project.


  3. ManintheMoon says:

    We have filed a open records request on all the documentation,mail ,emails, text messages etc from the County and on their private devices. severs and e-mail ,etc. for the CCC on the raise issue. It was sent to the County Attorney’s office and all CCC members. It can be up to be 10 business days before we are given the information to cost and time of rendering of requested information which will place it around August 25th to the 26th. As soon as we get the requested information we will try and find a on-line site to post it for all citizens to review. We will not cherry pick the information but will try and post every thing in some organized fashion Hopefully we can get this done before the final vote on the budget. We will keep working on this so the citizens of El Paso County can be informed to the action of their County officials on this issue.


    • Clown Watcher says:

      10 days. That’s about the time they need to expunge their files.


      • ManintheMoon says:

        Clown Watcher
        The County can drag their feet and push it out to 35 business days if they want to before rendering the requested information. Then if they deny you some information and you have to ask for a review and a opinion from the Texas Attorney General that can take up to as much as 60 business days. Let’s be honest many of these laws are wrote in such away that they favor the elected officials, put the citizen at the disadvantage and place the citizen on an unlevel playing field before government unless the citizen has the monetary means to level that field. Remember these laws for the most part are written by Lawyers and Politicians to the interest of the Politicians and not “We the People” even though they try to claim otherwise.


  4. Clown Watcher says:

    11 cents?! May I have my dime back? They can keep the penny because that’s about what they’re worth.


  5. Judy Maddox says:

    While everyone of these “Public Servants” is running in opposed you can make a statement. GO TO THE POLLS. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OFFICIAL RUNNING UNOPPOSED. Do not vote a straight ticket.

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  6. Fed Up says:

    Per capita cost aside, Escobar & Friends keep talking about having raised salaries to 70% of market rate when in fact their new salaries are almost as much as far bigger counties in terms of actual dollars. Definitely more than 70%.

    They keep referencing a study that justified a 42% increase, but they are yet to share that study, and the local media is yet to ask for it or do their own research. SHOW ME THE STUDY!

    Deputy Dawg seems to take issue with Brutus’s post, commenting that you can make numbers say whatever you want. What he failed to say is that playing games with the numbers is exactly what Escobar & Friends did to justify a obscene increases that are more than 14 times the average county employee raise. Many taxpayers, meanwhile, get zero raise, especially those making minimum wage.

    The 70% rationale is total BS. Just look at Escobar’s Twitter exchange with Courtney Niland in which she was telling Niland that city council members are “doing important work” and deserve higher pay. So Escobar got more money for herself and her friends; not she is advocating that city council also take more of your money.

    How about these people leave public office. Or could it be that they like the off-the-books benefits and perks?

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    • mamboman3 says:

      Speaking of what happens when they leave public office, I was surprised and a bit dismayed when I learned that Haggerty was working as a lobbyist for Jobe and found that very much like the congressmen at the national level who end up working for the big corporations. Then, of course, there are people like our former city manager who became CEO of Workforce and our former finance person who got the top finance job with the schools. Looks like you work one job where you’re supposed to be working as a public servant without favoritism to anyone, then when you’re out of office it’s all look out for #1. Cronyism at its best.


  7. Jerry K says:

    Cost per flush?l


  8. Yes, you can always make numbers say whatever you want them to say, but the bottom line when discussing the salary of an elected official should always go back to how much any part time job is worth, and the original concept of service to the public. There is no need for any City Council member or member of CCC to try to make us believe that their jobs are full time, and even if they have become so, they are the people who chose to run for office to serve their fellow citizens.


  9. Deputy Dawg says:

    Well, that is game you can play with any statistic: How about the square miles of the county they represent and then you have cost per square mile? Or how about how many border crossings per day into the county? How about cost per employee?
    I learned a long time ago that you can get statistics to say whatever you want them to say…you just have to start out with the end in mind.


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