EPISD bonds–a new team?

DavidK over at Refuse the Juice posted a frightening thought the other day.

It is a worthwhile read.

We deserve better


4 Responses to EPISD bonds–a new team?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the post at Refuse The Juice may be correct!

    Check out Recent Employment Assignments at this link: https://www.episd.org/employment/assignments.php

    The 8th name down on the list got a job that was created out of nowhere by Arrieta-Candeleria called Executive Director of Planning and Innovative Schools Construction. Could he be the same Carlos Gallinar that is the Deputy Director of the City of El Paso Planning Division???? He will probably make about $125,000 a year with EPISD!

    Looks like she made up another position called Coordinator of the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations! Seems to be like a Chief of Staff position that will even keep her calendar for her! Probably another $75,000 or more per year!!

    Wonder who that job was created for? Let me guess…someone else that works for the City of El Paso????

    It’s good to be the king!


    • Fed Up says:

      So now both the super and the CFO will have chiefs of staff. They see themselves as muy importante. They think they are on the same level as the POTUS also refers to his senior staff as his cabinet. Such bull—t.


  2. anonymous says:

    David K is right, but with one caveat. He says “there’s a concerted effort to grow your local government instead of growing the private economy.”

    What David doesn’t say is that this is the same group that also “gave” you the ballpark and that much of the QOL bond money and other spending is also directed at downtown and at projects that directly and indirectly benefit a certain few individuals in the private sector.

    This isn’t just about stopping the wasteful growth of government. It’s also about stopping the subsidizing of private businesses through unwise spending and unfair tax breaks all of which are generously gifted by members of city council whose campaigns are funded by the beneficiaries. The former city management “team” has also been nicely rewarded since their time at city hall, during which they didn’t just carry the water, but also drilled wells for a few private businesses.

    Read last week’s BusinessWeek magazine. The cover story is about how WalMart has reduced its own security, shifting the burden to local police departments even in large cities like Tulsa.


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