EPISD spending per student

Some of the recent discussion was about the per pupil operating costs of various school districts.

We got the numbers below from the Austin Independent School District FY2017 Preliminary Budget.

They presented a chart titled “FY2015 Per Pupil Operating Expanditures [sic]”.  They evidently have chosen to neither use a spell checker nor hire literate people.

For the 2015 year they showed Austin spending $9,881 per student, Dallas $9,672, El Paso $9,254, and Houston $8,493.

We deserve better


10 Responses to EPISD spending per student

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Roughly the same across the state, which, by the way, is below the per student average from across the US, which is about $12,000 per student…

    Now take the total amount per student and subtract out the cost that the state gives..In Austin you calculated it to be around $800 per student in a previous post. The final amount is local funds from local property taxes. Austin taxpayers pay about $9000 per student from local taxes if your numbers are correct. In El Paso ISD it would be about half of that amount because they get a larger portion fro the state. About $4800.

    Cost per student: If the El Paso number from above is correct, take $9254 and then divide it by the number of days that the child is in school, 181. That comes out to about $51 per day per student or about $6.40 per hour based on an 8 hour day.

    Less than a babysitter.


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    Actually, the amount that local tax payers pay per student in EPISD, according to your figures is the total amount – state subsidy, which comes out to about $3974 per student per year.


  3. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Ya know, it would be nice to know the amount of dollars each district spends on administrative salaries and expenses. You know what I mean-all the superintendents and assistants to supers and assistants to the assistants to the assistants….


    • Deputy Dawg says:

      All salaries for all positions in all school districts are posted online and are not a big secret.



      • Dan Wever says:

        Deputy, except that the data could be wrong as the Supers salary was a few years back. They had him making something like 32K and I notified them and the Super of the mistake and it was never fixed and of course if made the Adm Cost ratio figure look better.


    • Dan Wever says:

      2000 $275,791,944
      2001 $283,345,430
      2002 $303,446,973
      2003 $325,280,643
      2004 $339,364,876
      2005 $338,477,218
      2006 $339,676,050
      2007 $346,993,683
      2008 $387,701,417
      2009 $395,142,983
      2010 $391,764,775
      2011 $391,663,018
      2012 $378,608,366
      2013 $389,313,170
      2014 $409,178,071
      2015l $403,973,009


  4. Haiduc says:

    I thought education was free? 🙂


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