EPISD bonds–more money goes out of town

Get ready for a giant sucking sound as more money leaves El Paso if the EPISD bond issue passes.

According to a Times article the other day “the construction and renovation projects would be completed in a maximum of five years”.

The construction of our county jail annex is months behind.  We are told that the problem is a lack of labor.  That project is a $41 million dollar one.  The Ysleta district will be starting its $450 million bond construction at some point.

The EPISD board wants us to approve $667 million in projects that they tell us they can design and complete within five years.

They probably want us to ignore the fact that ten years after we gave them $200 million for other projects they still have not finished.

Five years is particularly unbelievable when we consider that architects and engineers must do their work.  That work in itself will take years.

If somehow they really plan to build all of this within five years they must be planning to use out of town contractors and designers.

On the other hand, if they find a way to use local contractors there will be little capacity for non school construction.  So much for economic expansion.

We deserve better


4 Responses to EPISD bonds–more money goes out of town

  1. Jerry K says:

    Too much work for the locals to do. I don’t call that a problem; I call it an opportunity. I’ll bet Detroit wishes it had a problem like that.


  2. Rodney Fender says:



  3. Sheriff Watchdog says:

    I have 4 problems with the bond:

    1. Why isn’t the Superintendent more educated on his own district? Many projects and schools were built from the last bond yet in his recent intreview he said “We’ve got a history of corruption and trustees that weren’t taking care of the district, that weren’t building the buildings. To me there was a lot of horse-trading going on. That’s just my observation.” Can he talk about facts? Or just off the cuff? This statement is a problem
    It shows that he will just blame the past and has no responsibility for the last 3 years of his reign nd he cannot point to anything he has done. How can we trust him with this bond?

    2. Why haven”t all the projects been finished? If you can’t finish the projects of a smaller bond, how will you finish the ones in a larger bond?

    3. Academic achievementry and test scores are at an all time low for this district. New buildings will not fix this problem. Technology is imporant but doesn’t replace good teaching and clearly there is something wrong in our schools with lack of support because our teachers are not producing results.

    4. Most important. … more and more jobs are being created in district office with title changes and higher salaries. This horse trading is the doing of the superintendent and is spending money that should be spent on schools on district office staff. The money needs to go to the right places before we five EPISD any more


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