Significant impact all right

This came in from Helen Marshall the other day:

3 Responses to Significant impact all right

  1. No Surprise says:

    Look who is giving the award. Wouldn’t you gladly give an award to the lady who helped give you a ballpark?


  2. Jerry K says:

    She can play ball 🙂


  3. The thing is in El Taxo, don’t have to be “qualified” for any job at EPISD, UMC, City, County. Just have to know somebody who knows somebody or be “Friends and family”. For “Friends and Family” of the Politicos, Public Officials, project CON-tracts pay much more. whether the CON-tractor can start the job, do the job or even finish the job. Major delays, cost over runs, EVERYTHING takes longer, cost MORE that any signed CON-tract.


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