EPISD bonds–legislative lecture

Three of our local state legislators recently came out in support of the EPISD bond issue.  Our state senator was quoted in a Times article this way:

“We can’t count on, we can’t rely on, the state of Texas to help us.”

Not considered

What we did not hear from them is “We will work hard to get the legislature to more fairly fund our local schools”.

It is evidently easier to lecture the voters than it is to represent them.

Spend more

Their solution to the local school finance problem involves taking more money out of our pockets.

Many of us would suggest that the district do a better job of managing its expenses.

It is clear that our children need to be educated.  Our local school administrators should focus on putting more of the money that they already have from us in the classroom and eliminating the wasted spending.

We deserve better


9 Responses to EPISD bonds–legislative lecture

  1. Curious Citizen says:

    Any word on why to Chief Technology Officer Stephen Stiles (about the fourth highest paid person in EPISD) left? Word is he was escorted out. Also, one of his Directors was forced out about t the same time! There is a story there!!


  2. Rodney Fender says:

    Great Blog!!


    • That’s because ALL the El Taxo State ” Representatives” are DEMOCRATS. THEY support taking MORE money from taxpayers anyway they can get it. Tax INCREASES. Bonds, MORE tax increases. Tax, waste, spend , tax the “Stupid ignorant peons” as much as THEY can, for as long as THEY can. But, but, it’s for the children. AND of curse the pockets of the El Taxo politicos. WHO is going to pay this BILLION$$$ Bond, the 700 MILLION$$$ Bond, all the other stuff THEY want?? it Isn’t the El Taxo politicians.


  3. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. That is the ONLY process the politicians, public officials know in El Taxo. City Council, Commissioners simply call the Central Appraisal District, tell them to increase property values, ALWAYS followed by another tax INCREASE. The school officials, UMC hospital officials, politicians who make HUNDRED-THOUSAND pay checks, have no idea how hard many, most(?) El Pasoans have to struggle to pay that $2-3,000 or MORE property taxes at the end of the year. And THEY don’t care. And now ANOTHER possible corruption scandal, case at YISD. Politicians, Public Officials, the “Society of Corruption” in El Taxo.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    Regarding state funding, we learn today that the state may be getting ready to overhaul the funding system…or may not! Meantime, a large part of the problem in El Paso is home-grown. The city has ceded power over its structure to the developers, who push ever further into the desert, building more and more sprawling new neighborhoods of “affordable” housing. One developer told me in an unscripted moment that as soon as the new owner opened the front door the property value began to go down. None of these developments are intended to have much long-term value. Build, sell, move on. The city now sprawls some 30 miles from one side to the other. The property taxes from these new neighborhoods do not pay for the cost of extending infrastructure – police, fire stations, schools. So as the city hollows out we have to find other ways to fund this – a bond! Wait and while and it will happen again. Given that the “powerful people” in the city are pretty much the same ones running the schools, this pattern is likely to repeat. Maybe once the city has expanded to take in all available land for new housing there will be a rethink. Until then….


    • Jerry K says:

      The city is pouring debt money into DTEP with tax breaks, fee waivers, and infrastructure that only benefits a few investors. They tell us to wait and a taxable base will ensue. When?

      This is the same story Washington has been telling us about trade deals for 30 years: “it will create more jobs…” in China and Mexico, maybe.

      Wake up, people. Your government doesn’t work for you anymore at every level.


  5. Deputy Dawg says:

    That sentence would make sense if a) the legislature was fairly balanced b) was not controlled for DECADES by Republicans c) Republicans valued education d) the TEA party nut jobs were not in control of the Texas Republican party who think all taxes are bad taxes e) We had a Lt. Governor, who controls what legislation goes in and out of the Capitol, who was not anti-public education.

    Once you get over those small hurdles, then you can discuss working hard to get fair spending. For immediate needs, yes, the local state legislators are correct.

    There have been people and groups “working hard” for years to get that funding formula and method changed, and have been blocked at every turn by the Texas GOP, which loves kids while they are in a woman’s uterus, but once they exit the womb, screw ’em!
    TEXAS! Yee Haw!


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