EPISD test scores

Dan Wever provided us with this report.  He tells us that the numbers are taken directly from the Texas Education Agency web site.

The numbers are alarming.



While statewide a slightly higher percentage of students are passing the STAAR English I test, many of our EPISD schools are showing declining percentages of passing students.

According to the report the list below shows the percentage of students that failed the test in the spring of 2016:

Bowie            69
Jefferson        64
Austin           62
Irvin            62
Andress          55
Burges           47
Chapin           36
Franklin         34
El Paso          33
Coronado         26

Can anyone explain these numbers?

We deserve better


4 Responses to EPISD test scores

  1. Rodney Fender says:

    Bond money for new schools won’t fix this. Vote NO on EPISD bond! Get rid of some of the administrative overhead and use that money to give the teachers a raise and let them teach without all the paperwork and the scores might improve.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Am I to believe that over 600 mils with rectify the problem?


  3. Old Gringo Guy says:

    That raises the question, “Why do they not speak English at home? Does that not place the cause for the student’s failure on the parents who have not bothered to learn sufficient English to communicate with their children? Isn’t this another indication of the failure of the ‘Bi-Lingual Education’ fiasco? But then, we have to consider that small percentage of the students that do pass. Or is that passing portion of the students composed of those whose parents do speak English at home?


  4. golfer24 says:

    The main reason is the students do not speak English at home, at school including the hallways, and in the classrooms.


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