EPISD bonds–community forums

This came in from Xavier Miranda:


Invitation to Grassroots Forum on the $668.7 Million EPISD Bond

Two community-generated forums on the proposed $668.7 million EPISD will be conducted on the October 15th and 22nd at local public libraries. This should provide El Pasoans the opportunity to review the bond proposal, and pose questions and concerns in a public manner.
A twenty minute presentation has been prepared by a community coalition to address the following:
  • The impact of the proposed school closures and consolidations on our neighborhoods.
  • The environmental concerns of schools in the Chamizal area.
  • The tax and property value ramifications.
In order to provide a fair and balanced perspective, an invitation was extended to the EPISD Board of Trustees to present the benefits of the bond. Unfortunately, Board President Dori Fenenbock and Trustee Susie Byrd have declined to participate in our community forums. To their credit, President Dori Fenenbock stated that 160 community meetings have been scheduled throughout the district, to groups such as the Rotary Club of West El Paso.
Your engagement in this issue is strongly encouraged, as it greatly impacts the education of the children of our community.
The following are logistical details on both forums:
  • Saturday, October 15, 2016
    • 10 AM to 1 PM
    • El Paso Main Library–Auditorium
    • 501 N. Oregon ST 79901
    • (915) 212-7323
  • Saturday, October 22, 2016
    • 10 AM to 1 PM
    • Armijo Library
    • 620 E. Seventh ST 79901
    • (915) 533-1333
Xavier Miranda
El Paso Grassroots

One Response to EPISD bonds–community forums

  1. Disgusted teacher NOT Voting for the bond says:

    Not surprising that Dori Fenenbock and her sidekick Superintendent Cabrerra will only host a town hall where you have to RSVP ahead of time to get in. This is how they hand pick the people who wont ask hard questions like why the EPISD achievement rate is the lowest of all districts around as well as the thousands of dollars spent on buying technology programs we have yet to see such as Silver back and GURU. Or perhaps it is because they can’t find quality principals and have more open vacancies year round than any other district sometimes having to open positions twice due to lack of interest in working for the district. Or maybe it’s because we thing we are better than multimillion dollar research based textbook companes and try to write out own textbooks. We advertise that as a good thing while teachers for a second year in many subjects lack any curriculum at all. Yet all kids have laptops right? Incoming freshman disnt get laptops and with half of the kids with them and half without and the only curriculum supposedly a flexbook that still isnt fully written its no surprise achievement is so low. In fact, many teachers admit the flexbooks are so bad they wont even touch them. Oh, but wait… didnt the superintendet get some award for being a digitally certified district or something like that? It’s sad that the board and superintendent are more concerned about accolades for being the first at something than they are supporting true academic achievement in schools.


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