EPISD bonds–portable education?

We might be getting a glimpse of what could happen to the students at the EPISD high schools that the district’s board wants us to approve money for.

The neighboring Ysleta Independent School District was successful in getting the voters to approve $93 million to rebuild Eastwood high school last year.

Ysleta plans to handle the reconstruction by sending it’s ninth graders to a middle school and placing other students in portable classrooms.

Word on the street is that Ysleta is preparing to install 65 portables on the campus for the months and years it will take to tear down old buildings and build new ones.

Cato may have been prescient when he wrote We’ed be better off  back in 2013.

We deserve better


7 Responses to EPISD bonds–portable education?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can we arrange for the super and his senior staff to work in portable buildings? Porta-potties, maybe?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well put “Say What?”

    Dawggie, I don’t think any of us want students to have sub-par classrooms. Indeed, we want the money spent on the students … not sub-par administration and their cronies.

    The students also deserve 21st leadership … not a Boss Tweed redux.


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    Absolutely! Glad to see that Brutus is finally on the side of students deserving better! Glad to see he supports students and teachers needing and getting classrooms that are up to date, modern, and are many steps above a portable building! Thank you Brutus for making the case in favor of the EPISD bond.

    On the other hand, those of you in the crowd that don’t think El Paso kids deserve 21st century classroom environments should be quite happy that students are being taught in portables in YISD. It is probably reminiscent of the one-room school houses many of you fondly recall from your childhoods.


    • Say what? says:

      A Trumped-up response is beneath you Dawggie. Twisting words to spread your message is disingenuous at best. Would have gotten you no more than at 50 in my Debate class and my Freshmen would be laughing in the UGLC corridors at the Sophomoric tenor of the age-discrimination laced tripe you just spouted. By your logic all the beautiful young of the world are in favor of your wasteful little Bond and all the old grumps are against. My Debate Students know on Day 2 of the semester that when less-than-talented hacks begin using the twisted word tactic, they have exhausted their rational reasoning reserves. What Charles Dickens’ Tiny Tim once said sincerely I now say with sarcasm and contempt. God bless us everyone.


    • JerryK says:

      EPISD asking for $700MM after the Garcia debacle, the non-elected managers appointing a lawyer rather than an educator, bringing Team Mountainstar from city hall to the district, is like Bill Clinton asking Hillary to trust him post Monica.

      Sorry, guys. You have to earn my trust back by starting little and proving that you can manage it. Oh, and firing Team Mountainstar .


    • District 2 Voter says:

      All the oldsters “who went to a one room school house” are probably dead. The rest of the seniors can vote “yes” without fear of a tax increase.

      That’s really something, isn’t it… EPISD reminding seniors that they can take a freeze on their school taxes and won’t have to pay for the bond. “Please vote yes because it won’t cost you.” Push it off on the younger generation, those people who are trying to make ends meet while raising children, making mortgage payments and paying outrageous prices for medical care.


      • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

        Actually, have a bigger issue. For many their house is their single biggest asset which when sold helps them downsize or provide for assisted living. A large tax increase makes it harder for them to sell a house so you will see a lot of no votes at least from educated seniors.


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