EPISD bonds–pay raises on the never never

The EPISD teachers have been led to believe that the nine million dollars per year of savings that might result from spending 670 million dollars will be given to them in the form of raises.  The premise is absurd.  Spending $670 million will cost money, not save money.

What we have not heard a lot about is how long it will be before the savings are realized, if ever.

Architects will have to be hired.  Schools will have to be designed and then built.  Most of the construction will be on existing campuses with students present.  How long will that take?

Will any of the current school board members still be around if they ever finish the projects?  Will future boards honor the current commitment?

We deserve better


3 Responses to EPISD bonds–pay raises on the never never

  1. grey says:

    EPISD always threatens the employees with their jobs if they don’t vote yes to the bond and they dangle a carrot in the form of a pay raise!! History repeats itself with just a different cast of characters! This isn’t brain surgery!!


  2. anonymous says:

    If the teachers have been led to believe that such savings will be paid to them, isn’t that buying votes? It’s doubly bad because those votes are being bought with tax dollars.


  3. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Oh damn! Ya’ll have uncovered the reason for next years bond issue!
    We gotta give the teacher’s a pay raise that we promised…(because it is for the children, ya see).


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