EPISD bonds–superintendent

We recently heard a rumor that the superintendent has told some of his principals that it’s their bond issue–he won’t be around to see it through.

Can any of our readers confirm this, or is it just an attempt to discredit the bond process?

We deserve better


6 Responses to EPISD bonds–superintendent

  1. mamboman3 says:

    We love to hire outsiders and outsider consultants who have zero loyalty or love for El Paso. Every time we do that we disrespect our own and give the message that no one here is quite “good enough.” Yet these guys take all they can get and move on to greener pastures and they make recommendations to demolish and consolidate and rebuild in historical and beloved neighborhood areas. When will we ever learn.


  2. Sad to confirm the rumor. says:

    Confirmed. Heard with my own two ears. Take it how you want. Some say it means if it takes 10 years from now he won’t be here 10 years from now to see the last of construction … others of us know it is because we know he isn’t invested in us. He told us that at the same principal meeting he announced publicly that there would be no process for the principals of combining schools. He would choose. You could have heard a pin drop and I felt for those principals. The first they heard of this was at the meeting and it flew directly on the face of everything they were promised up until that point. And yes, we all heard those conversations too.

    I have heard prinvials complain this is worse than the Garcia era. As for myself, I’ve never had a conversatoon with him so I can’t say. I will say the climate is horrible and I dread being out of my building to go to District meetings. There is no focus or structure. Judt one new idea after another thrown at us.

    I just want to be proud of where I work and right now, I’m not. I feel like we as employees are not valued.


  3. Y Que! says:

    Where is the FBI?


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    What he said was that this was a long term effort and that many of the veteran people will not be around to see the final fruits of the process. He included himself in the group saying he wont be around in 15 or 20 years, but many in the room wil be. Many of the principals are brand new and will be around a long time. The point he was making was that the younger people in the audience will see the long term benefits of the bond.


  5. Rebel says:

    Interesting that the teacher’s union was first to jump on board to openly support the bond and not too soon afterwards the union president’s wife gets an administrator position as an assistant principal at Austin HS. Hmmmm?


  6. Reality Checker says:

    Just another case of someone taking big bucks while committing the rest of us to pay for stuff, but they’re never around when it all goes to s$&!.


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